Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2 VR Launch — Steel Wool Studios (2024)

2023 has been a wild ride for FNAF fans, hasn’t it? The community has eaten well, and it’s not even over yet! Tomorrow at 6 AM PST, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 launches on the PSVR2 and SteamVR. We’d like to share a few details about the game and its launch, as well as provide a short-term roadmap.

Help Wanted 2 contains about 40 minigames, with the vast majority of them designed for replay-ability. Beyond tutorial content, we randomly generate what the player needs to do in the respective games. This includes customer orders in El Chip’s, Glamrock Roxy’s fashion demands in the Glamrock Salon, emergencies in First Aid, Turning up the beat in DJ Music Man’s recording studio, as well as a bunch more that we’re very excited for you all to finally see! Our goal was to deliver gameplay you’d be able to enjoy for years to come.

As for the narrative, well, it’s probably best if you experience it firsthand. Be sure to try all the different career opportunities you’re presented with - you never know what’ll speak to you.

The launch version will be VR only, but you can expect the flat/standard version in Spring 2024. If you purchase the VR version, you are entitled to the flat version at no additional cost. The game will cost $39.99 at launch.

Let’s talk about what the next week or so is going to look like. On launch day, we’re going to do what we always do - watch you play the game! We genuinely love seeing how much y’all enjoy what we’ve made, and it really reinvigorates the passion we have for making games. That’s step one.

Step two is all about diligence; keeping an eye out for any unexpected balance issues or bugs that may have slipped through the cracks. Now, if there is a serious game breaking bug that suddenly appears, we will start working to address it immediately, keeping everyone updated as we do. We’re not at all expecting that to happen, but we are absolutely prepared for it.

Overall, we are absolutely over the moon with what’s going out the door, and I can speak for the whole team when I say that we’re completely proud of what we’ve built. It has the laughs, screams, and vibe we targeted, bar none. Still, that overwhelming joy doesn’t stop us from saying to ourselves, “I wish I could have done just one more bit of polish.” So, to that end, we’re planning on doing a larger patch in early 2024. It won’t be a massive feature addition, or contain narrative changes; we’re focusing on a quality of life patch. We’ve got things we already know we’d like to improve, but we’re also eager to hear your opinions about things like gameplay clarity and balance. Obviously, we won’t be able to do everything that the community brings up, but we still want to hear it all. The more we know about how the gameplay feels, the better the patch will be.

For our PC folks who are planning to use a Quest headset, we discovered a problem just last night that we need to scream from the rooftops so folks are aware. Only 13 days ago, a new app was released on the Oculus app store for Steam Link support, and because it’s less than two weeks old, our game does not support it. Your inputs will not work when you launch the game. We are planning to fix this in our QoL patch. Launching the game through Oculus Link and SteamVR while using the actual link cable is the best way to play on PC.

The only additional patch that’s planned is for the flat version, and its development is going really well thus far. We will let you know as soon as we pick a release date.

While our core focus is going to be Help Wanted 2, I’d like to quickly address Ruin’s release on Xbox and Switch. Back in August, I said we were hoping to have the Xbox version out by the end of this year, and it really came close. Ultimately, we decided to push it out a little more. Had we rushed, we would have been releasing a product that wasn’t as tested as it needed to be. Inevitably there would’ve been issues; you’d be mad, we’d feel stupid, and neither of us would have a very good time. We will pick it back up in January with fresh eyes so we can quickly give you an actual release date. We shared a plan, didn’t deliver, and we are sorry for that. Pushing was not an easy decision, but we hope you can understand why it was the right one.

Unfortunately, there are no new updates for Ruin’s Switch release right now. To put it plainly, we do not have concrete plans and have not started development. I wish I had better news, but we want you to know where it actually stands.

We’re excited to see where 2024 takes us in the long haul, but we’ve got our roadmap laid out, and know what key decisions need to be made in the next few months.

That’s everything we can share at the moment. If launch goes as expected, you won’t see another post here until early next year! If there are hiccups, you’ll hear from us right away. We hope you all enjoy Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2.

Ray McCaffrey
Executive Producer

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2 VR Launch — Steel Wool Studios (2024)


How do you get the controller input workaround for Help Wanted 2? ›

Launch "Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2" from the Steam interface. Once in game, press the Options button on the left controller (the "hamburger" button) to bring up the SteamVR menu. Select "Controller Bindings" from the Steam menu. Next to "Active Controller Binding," select "Custom".

Is FNaF VR on Oculus Quest 2? ›

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted is a virtual reality experience for the Oculus Quest.

How do you avoid Freddy in FNaF 1 VR? ›

The most efficient way to stop Freddy from sneaking in is to frequently watch the cameras to stall his movements. If Freddy can be seen on CAM 4B, always close the door while looking at him, as he may move inside the player's room otherwise.

What to do with mangle in FNaF 2 VR? ›

FNaF VR: Help Wanted

In order to defend against Mangle, the player needs to look directly at them to fend them off. Every time the player fixes a vent, a new one opens, resulting in a new path for Mangle to take. Failure to keep Mangle at bay while performing a task will result in a run-ending jumpscare.

What is the R key in joystick? ›

R stands for “right,” so you have R1, R2, and R3. R1 and R2 are on the top right of the controller, also called “shoulder buttons.” R1 is closest to the front face of the controller, and R2 is slightly bigger and closer to the back. R3 isn't a “button” per-say… the PS4 controller has 2 joysticks: a left and a right.

Where is R2 in controller? ›

R (Right) and L (Left) Triggers: These are located on the top of the controller, near the back. The right trigger is labeled "R2," and the left trigger is labeled "L2." These buttons are often used for actions such as shooting in games.

Is there a FNAF 4 in VR? ›

PIZZA PARTY - Scenes from classic titles have been updated for an immersive VR experience including; Five Nights at Freddy's, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Five Nights at Freddy's 3, Five Nights at Freddy's 4, and Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.

How scary is fnaf in VR? ›

A terrifying must-have for all VR owners.

Don't expect a light-hearted family-friendly game, expect a cold, terrifying, and brutal experience. When it comes to actual things that most parents would try to find before they let their kid play a game like this, there is hardly anything.

Is Roblox VR on Oculus 2? ›

Enhance your Roblox experience with virtual reality! Oculus Rift, Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 2, Quest 2 with link, as well as HTC Vive and Valve Index on Windows PCs. Other devices (Pico, Reverb etc.) are unofficially supported through SteamVR.

How many laughs until Freddy is at your door in FNAF 1? ›

How many laughs until Freddy is at your door in FNAF 1? 6 laughs. This is also the same for FNAF 1 in FNAF VR.

Why is the camera disabled in fnaf 1? ›

Five Nights at Freddy's

Originally posted by TentacleMayor: The wiki suggests it's so that the guard can't see the food being prepared, so Freddy's recipes are kept secret. I imagine the place violates more health and safety laws in the kitchen than it does in any other room.

Is Freddy evil in FNAF 1? ›

It is easy to see Freddy Fazbear as a villain. In almost every one of Freddy's appearances in the games, he attempts to murder the player character, most famously by stuffing them inside an animatronic suit. Phantom Freddy, and then Glamrock Freddy in Security Breach, are exceptions, and even then there are caveats.

Who is Mangle possessed by? ›

It's possible Mangle could be possessed by a female child or possibly twins whom murdered by William Afton in FNaF 2 SAVE THEM minigame, which explaining to his voice. His voice sounds like a combination between male robot with a female child or perhaps twins souls.

Is toy foxy Mangle? ›

Toy Foxy (also known as Pre-Mangle, Fixed Mangle, or Funtime Foxy) is what Mangle looked like before she was severely damaged.

How to get rid of Chica in FNAF 2? ›

While clicking on the lights in your vents, if you happen to see her in your left vent, immediately put on your mask. She doesn't go in front of you like Bonnie does, but she'll leave the vents after a certain period of time. You'll know she's gone when you hear a thumping sound and her face isn't in your left vent.

Can we play NFS Most Wanted with controller? ›

But even without this mod, the controller should work fine. It just needs to be configured in the game's menu.

How do I assign a controller to player 2? ›

Select the controller, and then the More options icon (…). Assigned to shows the current account assigned to that controller. To assign the controller to another account, select Assigned to, and then select the account that you want assigned to the controller. This will pair the controller to this account.


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