Here's Every Quest 3 VR Game Getting A Graphics Upgrade (2024)

Which Quest 2 VR games are being upgraded for Quest 3? Here's what you need to know.

As confirmed during Connect 2023, we learned that Quest 3 won't launch with exclusive games but Meta is emphasizing a cross-generation transition between Quest 2 and Quest 3. It promised "100+ new and upgraded titles" across both headsets and over 50 of those are new games, while existing games will receive upgrades and mixed reality features.

MR updates will be available across Quest 2 and Quest Pro, but you're probably curious to know more about the visual enhancements games are receiving on Quest 3. Beyond backwards compatibility improvements, anyway. That's where our list is focused and we're mainly looking at games currently available on Quest 2, ruling out big upcoming games like Assassin's Creed Nexus or Stranger Things VR.

We'll update this list as more Quest 3 comparison footage comes in. If you're a developer or publisher and we've missed your game, please let us know. Otherwise, here's a list of games receiving visual upgrades on Quest 3.


Barbaria arrived earlier this year and on Quest 3, it's adding improvements seen in the PC VR edition. That includes realtime shadows, improved character rendering, facial animations, alongside improved post processing and anti-aliasing.

Drop Dead: Dual Strike

Developer Soul Assembly confirms Quest 1 launch title Drop Dead: Dual Strike is receiving a Quest 3 upgrade, releasing this comparison video.

Drop Dead: The Cabin

Gearing up for Quest 3? Witness the stunning transformation of Drop Dead: The Cabin—now boasting enhanced height fog, refined post-processing, ambient dust mote particles, sharper anti-aliasing, and optimized LOD bias. Elevating a stellar Quest 2 experience to Quest 3 brilliance.…

— Drop Dead: The Cabin / 🔜 Home Invasion (MR MODE) (@DropdeadVR) October 9, 2023

Alongside its predecessor, Drop Dead: The Cabin will also receive visual upgrades on Quest 3. You can see that above and its upcoming MR mode, Home Invasion, arrives on October 25.

Espire 2

Espire 2 will receive mixed reality missions in a free update on October 10. Alongside these new missions, Digital Lode is adding updated visuals for Quest 3 players and you can see that in action above.


Currently available on Quest 2, GOLF+ CEO and founder Ryan Engle recently shared how the golfing sim compares on Quest 3. A short video showcased clear improvements on Meta's upcoming headset with upgraded lighting, textures and shadows. The Quest 3 update drops on October 12.

Guardians Frontline

Released last March, Guardians Frontline is an FPS and RTS hybrid reminiscent of Halo and Starcraft from VirtualAge Games. On Quest 3, it's receiving visual enhancements that brings it considerably closer to the PC VR edition. That's live from October 10.


Previously praised as a visual powerhouse on PC VR, Hubris on Quest 3 adds significant improvements. Developer Cyborn states the screen resolution has been upgraded from "sometimes 980x1152 to 2064x2208 per eye" with increased texture quality, foliage density and increased level of detail.

Into The Radius

ITR is already available for Meta Quest 3 🔥
And here’s a brief demonstration of what to expect from this upgraded experience😌

— Into The Radius VR (@intotheradius) October 11, 2023

Into The Radius' Quest 3 update is available now on Quest 3 and not long after launch, CM Games dropped a comparison video showcasing what to expect.

Population: One

Free-to-play battle royal shooter Population: One revealed its improvements through a developer talk (19:42) at Connect 2023. That adds an improved 90Hz frame rate, sharper resolution and improved textures.

Red Matter 2

Vertical Robot continues pushing the limits of each headset through Red Matter 2, and the Quest 3 edition is no exception. Promised changes include increased rendering resolution, frame rate adaptability and dynamic shadows, alongside "console quality" shadow filtering and 4K textures.

Smash Drums

Here's Every Quest 3 VR Game Getting A Graphics Upgrade (1)

Following last month's MR Smashed Reality update, Smash Drums now receives a Quest 3 update which adds a 40% rendered resolution increase. We don't have a direct video comparison at this time, though you can check out the contrasting screenshots above.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

is receiving an enhanced edition on Quest 3 but we didn't get a closer look until now. While a specific release date remains unknown, you can watch the direct comparison footage from Connect 2023 above.




We've only had a brief look so far but painting app Vermillion will receive visual upgrades on Quest 3. Developer Thomas van den Berge states it matches the PC VR version's canvas resolution of 2048x2048, doubling what Quest 2 can achieve. Further enhancements are being made thanks to Qualcomm's Super Resolution tech, which you can see in action on Quest 2 here. That's live on October 10.

Zenith: The Last City

Developed by Ramen VR, Zenith: The Last City dropped Quest 1 support last month but the VR MMORPG is now receiving a notable update for Quest 3. That's available on October 10.

Other Confirmed Quest 3 Upgrades

It doesn't end there with Quest 3 upgrades as dozens of VR games received day-one enhancements for Meta's latest headset. Since initially publishing this article, we've now got a much better idea of how many Quest 3 launch games that involves. You can find out more below:

Quest 3 Launch Games: All The Enhanced Upgrades Out NowPicked up a Quest 3 today? Here are all the games with enhancements available now.UploadVRHenry Stockdale

There's also a few more titles seen during Meta Connect's talk about upgraded games (1:54:54 and 2:03:42) which we've yet to learn more about: Among Us VR, A Township Tale, Beat Saber, Budget Cuts Ultimate, Call of the Sea, FitXR, Gods of Gravity, Islanders VR, Job Simulator, OrbusVR: Reborn, Pixel Ripped 1978, Raccoon Lagoon, Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2, Toss!, We Are One.

Keen to know more about how the full Quest 3 specs compare to other VR headsets? Check out our comparison below:

Disclaimer: This article, originally published on October 6, was updated on October 10 to reflect the newly confirmed games with Quest 3 upgrades.

Here's Every Quest 3 VR Game Getting A Graphics Upgrade (2024)


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