Isle of Wight County Press from Newport, Isle of Wight, England (2024)

T7 High Street would cuts stressful. the leam and Ihe aulhority be- off nine. Our picture shows Mr. rca( are pictured witb THE ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PRESS FRIDAY. OCTOBER 28.

1983 NEWPORT The Isle of Wigm society Sat. Oct. 79. opens 7 30 pm AUTUMN MARKET MINI AUCTION Red Cross Hall. Hunnyhill.

bring and but CHANNEL 3 CLUB FOR THE DISABLED NEW. JUMBLE. BOOK SALE Lots tresn local luh at IANco*ck FISHMONGERS St James' Street. Newport icoweti i COWES Cash and Carry Sale al LYNALS now £25 each. leather purses tr leather Belts, all t2 w.

huriter this advert with yo 11 00 am 4.00 pm at Cowe Christmas present problems Spaces still available interested stall holders phone Newport ADAMS APPLE. 13 Bath Road, Cowes Miniatures and other IraOitional goods. Open Saturdays noon-J pm One World. An all-falths service was celebraied at ihe Unitarian Meeting House. New- port.

on Sunday, conducted by the Rev. R. Sturges. Unitarian minister. from Ports- mouih.

It marked the begin- ning of One World Week, Due to which has the theme of break- to attend primary school this year. ing down barriers, and members from other fatlhs were Invited to lake part and give tradings lo Illustrate their own beliefs. Mrs A. Wilkinson spoke for the Quakers. Bishop Snow for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Miss S. Lehr lor the Uahai Faith and the Venerable Kltemadhammo Bhikkhu for the Buddhists. Among the large congregation were also representatives from Married at St. Mary's Church. those of medieval times.

He said some of Ihe groups who regu- Cowes. were Mr. Simon Bean, bees were once imported from larly use the Meeting House son of the Rev. Canon and Australia. New Zealand and premises.

Ladies' Evening. Newport Church Road. Cowes. and Miss stopped because of ihe possible Consort Lodge, of the Royal Jacqueline Wills, daughter of spread of disease. Mrs.

G. Kerry Order of Moose, held a ladles' Mr. and Mrs. W. J.

Wills, of expressed thanks. evening at the Hotel. Cowes. lo mark the con- Bean officiated. The bride wore clusion of the Governor's term a cream spotted voile crinoline of office.

Bro. H. E. Cooper. dress.

Her atlendants. Mrs. proposed a loast to Ihe Celia Taylor Ibride's sister) ladies of the lodge for their matron of honour, and the support. Bro. R.

B. Cottle. Misses Rosie Bean Itl. presented Mrs. Cooper wilh a bouquet In appreciation of her providing lodge suppers.

wore brown and cream dresses. ended The evening dancing 10 ihe Grantham Duo. brother) was besl man. A re- At a recent lodge meeting Bro. ception was held a I Gurnard I).

O'Brien. PG. and an Pines Club. Gurnard. The installation team from Gosport.

bridegroom. installed Bro. Furseman as working in Lymlngton. and the Governor. Bro.

C. II. Chiver- bride, a sister al the Roval 1W ton. PG. presented Bro.

M. County Hosplial. Ryde. will be Gibbs presided at Sandown Cooper with a further bar to living in Cowes following a Meeting Point at the Methodist his jewel. Rotary Clnb.

Mr. P. Ven- Islands. ables. mobllliy officer of the IW Society for ihe Blind, was Betty Dorman.

of Nelson Road. unable to attend due to illness, Club which took the form of a the speaker al Newporl Rolary Newport, died al The Gouldings. so Mr. W. L.

Gray gave an illus- workshop afternoon. Members nual rally for Women's Work Club meeting. He described his Freshwater, aged 80. The trated talk on his experiences In were instructed in mechanics Overseas was held at Sandford work in training blind persons braille, typing and Ihe use of Canterbury Church, Newport, centenary celebrations in Glas- formed Into groups for practical Rev. W.

Thompson presided, specialist equipment. Rotarian was conducted by Father D. gow In September. A. White expressed thanks.

Recorded Music. Mr. J. Mr. W.

J. Dorman (husband). George Coulstock. aged 63. who tled Halloe en Party was judged presented with a bouquet by jsh a Matthews, organist at John's Church.

Newport, was and Mrs. D. Dorman. Mrs. E.

ago and opened a clock-sales Senior advanced Mrs. D. Wil- Thompson received a button- updatjon guest speaker and presented programme entitled English in-law). Mr. and Mrs.

M. died on a visit to Cleeve Prior, Intermediate Mrs. M. Way: N. Thompson presided in the Romantic Music lo members of Souter.

Mrs. J. Smith. Mrs. near Evesham, where he still novices Mrs.

Hasloch. The evening, when a concert Was Newport Recorded Sisterhood. Mrs. Hayter Mrs. D.

Peck and sons (sister served with the Royal West Memorial Hall, and staged a Mr. E. Deale. The organist was the soloist and speaker al and nephews). Mr.

P. Denham Ken Is. Newport Sisterhood meeting at represented Mr. and Mrs. E.

Quay Street Hall. Miss D. Flux Rawlance (brother and sister- presided and Mrs. Pragnell gave in-law). the scripture reading.

old elsewhere COWES by another nailer at a lower pyice. WE'LL posers represented included Queen's Road, at 2 pm Teas, Produce. P. Knowlton. Mrs.

M. Parry FOLLOWING last Month's BETTER IT. THAT'S A PROMISE island OlV Centre (Cowes) IS High Street (Cowesl IW J97MS independent Order ol Foresters JUMBLE SALE St. Faiths Hall. Cowes Id of Jimmy Savilc's Stoke Mandev it HYDE JUMBLE SALE in aid ol Social Services support group making.

She covered Its history, at Park Court (Northwood Park). Part Road. Cowes on Saturday October 79. 1983 at 2.30 pm types, and ending with a prac- us permanently, we are resuming normal again this year to the person who is Special price otter tor 2 weeks only ST FAITH'S PLAYSCHOOL St Faith's Church Hall. Cowes Open Saturdays 12 nt YARMOUTH OUT BOARDS LAKE Mrs.

M. M. Squibb. Mrs. Marian Maureen Squibb, ol meeting of the Rolary Club of Lake.

Heath Gardens. founder-member of Lake Village the guest speaker was a sLxth next to 'Ye Olde Village Inn' for a good County Secondary School be- evening at the home of Mrs. M. Association and a member of Lake Workingmen's Club, died form pupil from Cowes High haberdashery, tapestry and quality gifts. with a few from earlier or later Lanfear.

one of its members. Middle School. Ryde, hare re- al her home after a short Illness, School. Miss Claudia Maher. aged 45.

An active member of who was accompanied by Mrs. the Village Association she had M. Evans, depuly head. In a The annual meeting of Bern- staff. expressed thanks for the the blind and other organisa- lier been a leading worker at all essay exchange bridge Horticultural Society hard work put In by Mrs.

H. tions and the highlight of their fund-raising functions and en- competition arranged with Ihe was held In the village hall, Cooke. Mrs. I. Emmelt, Mrs.

J. year Is the annual Newchurch group of about 70 youngsters llcular types of trees and pick tionnaire. children tertainments. Including Lake Rotary Club of La Rochelle, when about 60 members were Leal. Mrs.

A. Mariner and Mrs. village concert each spring. Day. She was employed at Claudia was the winner of the present.

The treasurer reported P. Tyrell to make the evening Messrs. G. T. Harris and Son.

French essay for which Ihe prize a satisfactory financial posi- success. A similar reunion is the family grocers at Lake. She was a 14-day visit lo La Rochel- tion. The proceeds from the iplanned In five years' time. leaves a husband and two le.

She described her Journey coffee morning and the plant daughters. At her request. In- and ihe hospitality of the Rola- sale held In May had ensured stead of flowers donations were rians. Rotarlan C. Nicholson ex- that a credit balance had been made lo Cancer Research and pressed thanks.

the Marie Curie Foundation, and so far almost £500 has been contributed. The funeral service dictory service was held recently at the crematorium was con- at St. John's Church. Newporl. ducted by the vicar of Lake, the for two members of the con- society shows had been well were Mrs.

D. White, secretary, the IW Conservative Association Rev. J. Hair. Lake Village Asso- gregation.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Bai- supported, and the society had and Mrs. N.

Hart, treasurer. ciation. a Club. G. T.

Harris and Son. the Southern Water Authority and working on the A Rocha project, the efforts of Mr. Graham and water Sisterhood meeting at various Freemason Lodges were all represented at Ihe service. Batty formerly worked at the number of trophies which had V. Ramsay, spoke on the Messrs.

Downer and White Medina Valley Centre. Members been displayed at the open origins of the Salvation Army. made the arrangements. Meeting Point. Al Lake which slides of Portugal were Mr.

Slatter had created an Meeting Point Ihe guest speaker shown. was Miss H. Humby. who gave a lalk on her work as a local I councillor. Mrs.

F. Cooley pre- sided. CHALE Chaie School Association Wedding: Bean Wills. Marshall was a hive similai" to Mrs. J.

V. Bean, of the Vicarage. America, but this practice was Grantham Windmill Close. Rydc. Canon sister) and Sarah guests at the Ocean Hotel, larrison (brides god-daughter), raised £219.94.

and another with Mr. Martin Bean (bridegroom's an honeymoon in ihe Channel hall and led opening devotions. Mrs. B. Dorm an.

Mrs. man. The planned speaker was ing of The Tennyson Flower ice at St. Thomas of attending the Boys' Brigade by Mrs. S.

Smith, and then Methodist Quarmby. Mourners Included Mr. and Mrs. C. Dorman.

Mr. moved to the Island three years by Mrs. N. Ford and resulted: Joanne Hodgklns. and Mr.

Dorman (sons and daughters- shop In High Street. Sandown. lis: advanced Mrs. V. Byrom: hole from Nicola Gray.

Mrs. Music S. Repton. Mrs. A.

Scodeller had an Interest In the licensing club also participated in the performed by the Bembrfdge (son-in-law and Grandchildren and great-grandchllren were also represented. Arrangements were by Messrs. Hamilton and Marshall. Newport. Rotary a Al the weekly a Cowes at the Grantham Hotel, Farewell Service.

A vale- had made a small profit thanks Guild, conducted by the Rev. C. Workingmen's ty. who have left for a new life in also been successful at other Portugal. The Baity's will be a Christian nature centre.

Mr. of the congregation presented show In August. Mr. Graham gifts during the service and an American lunch followed PRICE CHARTER We guarantee good quality and fair prices at the time of purchase, you can show that the same goods are being sold elsewhere in RYDE by another retailer at a lower price, WE'LL BETTER IT. THAT'S A PROMISE, island DIY Centre (Ryde) 114 High Street.

(Ryde) IWM914 AND Island Cash 'n' Carry (Ryde) Edward Street. Tel. IW 64913 COMBINED CHARITIES FAYRE Saturday. October 29.11 am-4pm Ryde Youth Centre. High Street, Ryde SAUNDERS HOTEL.

COASTGUARD Rev. J. Roberts, former vicar Mr. E. mat jg (joodjjj.

Light Mr. and Mrs. T. E. G.

Edney W. Butcher, secretary, was the Delicious Lunches, i speaker al Alhena House, when he presented a programme en- titled Baron of Beef to 18 members of Ryde and District Recorded Music Society. Com- Beethoven. Mozart. J.

Strauss. J. Wllbye. Nielsen. Vivaldi.

Milhaud and Bax. Mr. N. Turn- bull. vice-chairman, expressed thanks.

Women's Fellowship Saints' Church Women's lowship held their October meeting at the church hall when Mrs. B. Philo gave a talk on lace showing samples of the various tical demonstration. Refresh- ments were served by Mrs. D.

Roberts and Mrs. L. Greenfield expressed thanks. SUNDOWN CONTRAST BEMBRIDGE WOOL GIFT SHOP a large number ot childrenleavm next to 'Ye Olde Village inn for a good qualify gitts. ner Wheel Club.

Mem- bers of Sandown Inner Wheel Club heard a talk on beekeeping at their meeting at Rose Bank Hotel. Sandown. where the guesl speaker. Mr. Marshall, of Rook ley.

was welcomed by Mrs. J. Blackburn, president. Among equipment displayed by Mr. Dr.

Barnardo's. At the annual meeting of Sandown and Lake branch of Dr. Barnar- do Helpers. Miss P. Wright, treasurer, reported Ihe flag day raised £212.14.

Mr. C. Daish. Ibride- with competitions organised for fund raising effort was a coffee and squash morning al Culver Lodge Hotel. Box opening and donations brought the total to £684.52 for the work of Dr.

architect Bamardo's homes. Meeting Point. Mrs. D. The pianist was Mrs.

M. Jack- presided at the monthly meet- Mr. Coulstock. Mr. members.

The competition enti- Chllds. of Klngates. She was daughters). trade. A Burma veteran, he RSPCA bazaar held at the Methodist Choir, conducted by FRESHWATER Commencing at 7 80 pm on Saturday.

Nov. 5, west Wight Football Club, Camp Ro. Guy FawkesCompetition Best and Funniest 3 age groups. ulJs. u-13s, 1 Is Food and hot drinks available All welcome Marion Margaret looks forward to seeing service at the Island crema- old friends and new.

LANE. Freshwater Bay, Saturday. Outside Catering Speciality. Phone I Freshwater) IW 752332 FRESHWATER HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY AUTUMN SHOW Saturday. Nov.

West Wight School. GRAND ONE DAY SALE OF KNITTING WOOLS BY VECTIS SEWING LTD. AND All DRESS FABRICS BY ROSANNE well Church. FABRICS al Memorial Hall, Freshwater, today. Friday.

Oct. 10 am to 4 pm LESLIES Moa Place (Freshwater) IW 752471 Men's Dept. with Sheila, our men's hairstylist (olning The Mayor's Award of £50 is to be made dal ly business hours Early closing, Saturday, 1 pm FRESHWATER GARAGE (IW) LTD. Alton Road. Freshwater Ford Retail Dealers Sales Service Petrol MoT testing and accessories (Freshwater) IV MILL ROAD GARAGE (Yarmouth) Ltd Leyland Sales and Service (Yarmouth) IW 76CM34 1st FRESHWATER B.

COFFEE MORNING. October 29. URC Matt. Guyers Road. Freshwater am 12 noon.

Admission 20p and I Op coffee. Proceeds to Company GURNARD I M. M. Edney. Mrs.

Minnie Mary Edney. of The Avenue, Gurnard, died at St. Mary's Hospital. Newport, aged 86. Born at Thorncross.

she was Ihe widow of the late Mr. Thomas Edney. A member of Ihe Mothers' Union, she had been a member of Whitwell Church for 50 years. The torium was conducted by the of Whitwell. Mourners Included (son and daughter-in-law).

Mr. and Mrs. W. Honevbourne (son- in-law and daughter). Mr.

and Mrs. R. lloneyboume (grand- children). Mrs. F.

Kent. Mrs. L. Shield. Mrs.

V. Pfttard. Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs.

M. Massey (nephew and nieces). Organisa- tions represented Included Whitwell Mothers' Union. Women's Institute and Whit- Arrangements were by Messrs. H.

V. Taylor and Son, Ryde. YARMOUTH YARMOUTH TOWN COUNCIL judged to have contributed most to our community. Nominations are Invited from Individuals or groups to be sent by NOVEMBER 30 to: The Town Mayor, Byways. Bouldnor.

Yarmouth. P04I OQW or placed In the letter box in the north the mayor Staff cuts: a warning 'services to patients HEALTH TEAM IN A PROBE AFTER FIRE blaze in which fear people I A WARNING that patient services on the Island died at a house in Carls- laid down for this typo of prescribed figure It would alfecl Island are not. In fact, going lo At thority Mr. A C. Blee, district admi- agreed that services on Ihe Is- man.

pointed nistrator, pointed out that three of those living at the imposed in health staff came at Wednes- meeting of the IW Health Authority. Mr. E. J. Bird told members new services Prolessor Martin apist al the Arthur Welr.f that whatever option chosen as a means of getting services which were planned to McBlain.

has retired Island staff levels down lo patient care. The authority had previously land would suffer as a result of deal more work WHEELCOFFEEM JUMBLE SALE Royal British Legion Hall, Freshwater Saturday. Oct. 77 7 pm, entry 5p HALLOWE EN CHEESE PARTY The Gouldings. 7 30pm.

All well Bern bridge Dance Workshop Don't miss our GRANO JUMBLE SALE on Saturday. Oct. Bembridge Village Hall. 10.30 am CONTRAST BEMBRIDGE SHOP selection of knitting wool, embroidery, November 19 unwant jd items lo tit you and the child' Chale School Chale School Association Sponsored Goon Push by the com FRESHWATER GARAGE (IW) LTD. Alton Road.

Freshwater Ford Retail Dealers Sales Service Petrol MoT testing and accessories G0DSHU. ik. Godshill daughter-in-law). Mrs. G.

K. needed this year. Thanks were Louden. Hymns were played by Sunshine Club's annual au- Elliott. Mrs.

I. M. G. Draper. Mr.

given to retiring committee Mrs. G. Rayns. and the lesson tumn fair was held In the village and Mrs. M.

F. Caws (nephew members including Mrs. B. was read Mrs. M.

Sheath. Tea hall and raised approximately and nieces). Miss A. K. Elliott Weaver for her very long service followed In the WI Hall, when £250 towards the forthcoming (great-niece).

Mr. G. T. W. Le and support, and to Mr.

R. hostesses Christmas luncheon. ST. HBBIS I. embroidery.

NORTHWOOD Plenty of Christ mat bargains at the NORTHWOOD CHURCH AUTUMN FAIR Saturday. November at pm Church Centra, BINSTEAD BINSTEADWARD A. WAKELEY would like to thank all ose who helped him achieve his victory C. Denney. vice-president; Mr.

the recent by-election when he was D. F. Parsons, chairman: Mr. successful as the Liberal Candidate Mrs. M.

P. Elliott. Mrs. tary: Mr. D.

Green, treasurer Marv P. Elliott, formerly of Mrs. B. Rogers, show secretary: Kings Road. Binslead.

died at Mrs. P. Blackmore and Miss Fallowflelds Rest Home. Ryde. J.

Langs ton. programme secre- aged 100. Bom In Somerset, taries: and Mr. D. Gulston.

held at the Burlington Hotel. she had lived on the Island for auditor. Committee Mr. C. Shanklin.

raised £110 for Red 18 years. In her younger days Blake. Mrs. R. French.

Mrs. Cross funds. she was a suffragette. During the first war she worked in Mrs. P.

Pain. Mr. A Parsons. Australia where she met her Mrs. D.

Parsons. future husband, the Arthur C. Elliott. They were G. Robinson.

Mr. C. Slatter ian Endeavour Union held its married on the Solomon Islands and Mr. G. Wooderson.

during ihe 1920s. while serving with the Melaneslan Mission Service. They returned to Eng- meeting of the Bembridge RNLI ducted as the new president, the Rev. G. Lambdon and Mrs.

£1.000 diamond pendant In a land In the mid-1930s and Guild was held at the village and Miss Tracy Gough. of Carls- Taylor read the scripture. Mrs. served In various parishes, hall, when tributes were paid brooke. the junior president.

Jolllffe was the accompanist. mainly In the Oxford diocese. to all members who had helped Miss E. Sheath gave a report cf Mrs. Elliott moved to the Island with fund-raising during the union activities, and others tak- following the death of her hus- year.

This totalled £5,758. an ing part Included Mr. A. Pellow band. The service at the Church Increase of £872 over 1982.

and Miss H. Wame. of the Holy Cross. Blnstead. fol- Mrs.

W. Nelson, southern re- lowed by cremalton. was con- gional organiser spoke of the ducted by the Rev. Canon E. J.

overall cost of running the Mothers' Union opened their Forse. Mourners Included Mr. RNLI and said that a total of new session with a service In and Mrs. A. C.

Elliott (son and over £17 million would be church, led by Father T. Mouton and Mr. R. E. Paul.

Arrangements were by Messrs. H. V. Taylor and Son. Ryde.

VENTNOR A Street Collection was held in ventnor C. Flnl and Mrs. J. Rogers. mi Saturday.

September t. for the National Children's Home who art most grateful tor the amount ol UOJ.aO raised. bined churches' Ventnor hall and raised £550, which was Recorded Music Society's open- shared among the four mission- ing meeting of the sea- ary societies taking part, the at East Cowes Sisterhood meet- ences. son was held at Ventnor Library Missions to Seamen, the Bible ing. Mrs.

W. H. natters pres- when the programme Included Society, the Methodist Mission ided. and Mrs. Clark gave the poetry has now been translated Ryde.

was fined £40 with £5 Albany, on behalf of prison staff. Northwood. Joined the prison the Island." works by Rossini. Mozart. and the Church Missionary Bible reading.

Mrs. M. Pike was into Flemish and published in costs by Island Magistrates on i Howells. Vivaldi and Sibelius. Society.

water. Mr. K. Thompson, ex- maintained, and the shows Reformed to the sale of teas and plants. E.

Stewart, he was re-elected The chairman said both Island shows I hanks largely to Meachem presided at Fresh- Mr. Slatter who had won a premier award in the UK for his begonia and Island record with his pump- kin and had come 5th in the UK at the big show held In Birmingham. Officers elected: Mr. F. Colboum, president: Mr.

A. Graham. vice-chairman: Mrs. J. van Daal.

general secre- M. Joseph. Mr. C. Mumford.

Mr. J. Rev. Parsons. Mr.

D. Ransome. Mr. KIVLI Guild. The annual White, of Sandown.

was In- meeting when the speaker was E. Reason, the outgoing secre- tary. Mrs. D. Tyndall was re- elected chairman and other appointments were: Mrs.

Handscombe. vice-chairman: Mr. V. E. Day.

secretary: com- mittee Mr. K. Marshall. Mr. sold elsewhere in EAST COWES Bazaar.

The annual com- missionary held in the village Society. Flower Club. J. Daish work, helped by committee and the opener was Miss E. competitive exhibition.

The first prize winners. Mrs. Tlnsley an Mrs. K. Piatt presented with RSPCA cups by Mr.

R. Buckley who thanked the club for their efforts on behalf of the society. School Reunion. More church Wl Choir celebrated than 150ex-pupllsand teachers their 21st anniversary when who were at the West Wight tween 1954 and 1960. together years, held a reunion at Fresh- The choir are very active, ceived prizes after taking lions which they had to answer BHF committee member and a branch, currently stuiiwin: i Women's Guild.

After a short devotional service at the annual meeting of Freshwater selection ot knitting wool, Church Women's president. Other officers elected Sisterhood. Mrs. the Wesley Hall, when the Rev. SHANKliN PRICE CHARTER MILL ROAD GARAGE (Yarmouth) Ltd Leyland Sales and Service (Yarmouth) iw FRESHWATER GARAGE (IW Alton Road.

Freshwater Ford Retail Dealers Sales Service Petrol testing and accessories 17(3235 JUMBLE SALE Saturday, Oct.79. 7 pm at the Yarmouth C. of E. School teeds to WW Fund Raising Group uipmeni lor new WW Medical Clmi BRMaHSTONE I The bouss was one of a ber of private hones by the authority to leave hospital. AWARDS OF T-SHIRTS FOR THREE will suffer' suffer as a result of Government- was asked.

"Is tt not the case that ntc. Shanklin. Mr Ihe be provided for the people of Ihe years' service on ihe be provided?" But Mr. D. A.

R. Naylor. chair- thai a good required by the cuts. Because the Island had lo fore "Intelligible" statements meet a staff target of 1.889 by could be made that would be March, for that date was 1.902 em- crealing "alarm and desponden- last war Including ployees a lolal of 33 posts must cy" by discussing Ihe matter In and Burma and remain unfilled, the authority public at this stage. REDUCTIONS heard.

This meant there would be 22 fewer staff next March lhan would affect a percentage of pro- neetion with traum there had been in March last year. IN PRIVATE Although Professor J. Martin who commented thai ihe au- argued that It was imporiani for lhority had not yet had a chance the public to know which ser- lo "hammer out and digest" ihe vices would be affected, mem- staff reductions. bers decided to discuss lite op- A percentage of the culs fessional staff and auxiliary staff, he said. He was backed by Mr.

Bird St. Mary's Mr. A. C. Blee.

district admi- tions lor reducing stall mil have this should be made clear Mr McBlain ai kw.uli-d,i«i' ment Team In private. The alternatives would be dis- cussed again by Ihe authority this time In public al a that the while the Island had to meeting within Ihe next Iwo curlail its staff Ihe Wessex Re- months they agreed. Pointing out thai a lol of plan- lional 40 posts overall had patients for their p.iin i ning had gone into proposed come off lighlly. the public. Mr.

H. D. Howe commented members of ilie mtdii gion which gained an add! id elsewhere In SHANKLIN by ai BETTER IT THAT'S APRO 10 High LIONS CLUB JUMBLE SALE November 5, Methodist Church, Regent Street, Shanklin 10am 3.Mpm. Teas. Coffee.

Cakes Raised I 10. A sale WHITWELL Iy The Christ- annual Island rally at Whitwell Methodist Church. Mrs. M. Mothers' Union Whitwell were Mesdames Sheath and Rutherford.

EAST COWES PRICE CHARTER THAT'S A PROMISE! Island DIY Centre (East Cowes) York Avenue. (Cowes) IW 297175 Retirement aim is cut in handicap SUPERINTENDENT Paisley-born Mr Mi 111.,, continue with prn.iu- "Bul I will now time for golf and hope handicap down Irom Mr. McBldln. who i He is also a bridge While wilh the when the planned figure useful to the public rather lhan served In every ihe.iin- Dunkirk. A trained parai In aLso flown wilh the S' Mr.

McBlain. who-r i Ryde. worked i. County Hospital before going tot i ler Clinic A baromeir-r among mirrmnn sen ted to Mr Mi P.l.uTi'..: Looking h.n on support he rrtnvrd I rum II on. fellow phvMuih' urses and health prism.

"I would also like in ili.u understanding." he s.m) Women's Work. The an- Schoolroom. The was Mrs. A Wallls. Proceeds from the rally amounted to £176.70.

NEWCfflJRCH Choir Celebrate. New past and present members en- Joyed a buffet supper and social entertaining senior citizens, part ia a sponsored walk ear- while walking through the former teacher at the school, lies, philosophy and emiim .5 A ALIVE IT'S GRgAy BE A SEA VIEW haberdashery, tapestry and Raised A jumble sale organised by Seavtew Branch of the Masonic Hall. Seavtew. L. raised more than £90 for asso- ciation funds.

NORTHWOOD Floral Art. Mr. D. Hayes ciously inflicting grievous bodily gave a demonstration of (lower harm was deferred for six and foliage arrangements to months by the Island Juvenile members of Northwood Floral Court on Wednesday. Art Group at the church centre, and competition.

Mrs. E. Sibbick ex- youth struck a 27-year-old man pressed thanks and Mrs. B. in the face with an Iron bar al Drake served teas.

TOTLAND LESLIES Men's Dept. Sheila, our mens hairstylist loinlng us permanently, we are resuming normal him names. daily business hours Early closing. Saturday. 1 pm British R0BBED BOY TO PAY HIS BUS FARE A 15-YEAR-OLD Rvde wanted money for bus lOp from a 13-year-nli! land Juvenile Court hr.u>! Wednesday The boy had denied rm but ihe case against lurt.

found proved al an earlier ing that was adjourned for He was given a dltional discharge. Mr. J. F. W.

James. police, said the 15-vear old asking for money In front of the bnv. was trying to walk hoim- June 19. Although not actually tlin. enlng the other boy.

the year-old got him agamsi a leni and In ihe end the lOp handed over. Mr. G. Hughes, for the boy. said he had been about getting home late physical violence was used "This offence appears io tir quite out of character he sa: BRADHG Mrs.

I. Had- I. of Cowes. was the speaker their work In front of large audi- without Insurance at Vernon whisky and a glass decanter husband the pianist. Mrs.

Mowle presided at Bradtng Sisterhood HAVENSTRET IVORY ENTERTAINMENTS presents due to receive It today (Friday), HALLOWE'EN DISCO at the White Owl. from Mr. P. Dennis, general Saturday, Oct. 79, at manager at Ihe store.

RSHBOURNE BINSTEADWARD AR.A. WAKELEY would like to thank a Road. Croydon, was fined £25 nose who helped him achieve his victor i the recent by-election when he wa successful as the Liberal Candidate. trates on Tuesday for using a AMSTERDAM TRIP FOR ISLAND POET Island poet Mr. David Gas- coyne has recently been In Am- sterdam attending the One World Poetry Week.

Accompanied by his wife at Lake Hill. Judy, the writer was one of 30 from 18 countries who read Some of Mr. Gascoyne's Mark Wilson, of Melville Street. Amsterdam. elded to test the walkers'powers Mayfield with the best marks 1 were Zoe Fryer.

11. Steven Red- MAN STRUCK IN FACE BY YOUTH OF 15 AN ORDER of the court on a 15-year-old Ventnor youth who admitted unlawfully "and mali- Mr. C. Wiggins, representing also Judged the Inter-club the police, told the court the Ventnor late one night. The man fell to the ground and the youth then kicked him several times in the stomach.

When Interviewed by police the youth claimed the man had stared at him and had called Mr. Wiggins told the court the victim needed hospital treat- ment for a fractured nose. Mr. A. J.

M. Gale, represent- ing the youth, said he had maintained all along that he struck the man wilh his fist and not with an Iron bar. RYDE WOMAN WINS DIAMOND PENDANT A Ryde woman has won a competition marking the com- pletion of a £500,000 facelift to Ryde'9 International store. Mrs. Irene Mascot, of Marl- borough Road.

Elmfield. was He will also be handing over a £100 bracelet won by Mrs. Leila SI veil, of Well Street. Steven Hulbert. of Cyprus with £5 costs by Island Magis- motor vehicle with Insufficient tread on the front nearside tyre.

Prakash Keshra. of Wilber- foree Road. Cardiff, was fined £10 with £2 costs by Island Magistrates on Tuesday for causing an unnecessary ob- struction wilh a motor vehicle leagues of Mr. Wakeford. who For using a motor vehicle Square.

Ryde. on July 30. Gary by Mr. Peter Meech. governor of Tuesday.

of observation. British Heart Foundation tee- They issued a list of 30 ques- shirts from Mr. Percy Bucket), a down. Shanklin and parks. during morning assembly.

The children had to spot par- As well as filling In the qu lldren had to tlilnk thl their way up a slogan for the BHF and Mi Buckett has sent a selection of Other questions involved Ihe best ones lo the group's looking out to sea to find headquarters, The three pupils from Buckett with the three The children were among a and adults who walked through up leaves as they made Appley and Puckpool parks to through the woodland. raise money for the British Heart Foundation. To make the walk more In- answers. teresting. the organisers, de- award winsera, left to PR pamphlet by IW Labour man A member of Ihe IW Party.

Mr. C. Dlllow. has pi duced a pamphlet eniitlco A Socialist Answer to PH. alnn i updating the debate on ortional representation Mr.

Dillow. a member ol at Oxford University, both an explanation i que of the two most uu supported systems ol PR In a prelace. he SDP case "lor PR ri sis on thing more than an writ nip entrench capitalism eiallv weakening the Parly The patnnhlei is the IW Labour I'ariv at Prison librarian retires Mr. Meech said. "Roy has ton prison.

Pbrtsmi" given long and loyal service, moved lo Albany when This Is rather sad for me and for in 1967. the prison service because we librarian he is can jU afford to lose the likes of I books the Friends and prison officer col- Mr. Wakeford. PRAISED He said. "Work h.i- Mr.

Meech also praised Mrs. been my main Inlets oven, a bottle of Wakeford for supporting her glad to be retiring Im' in a job whiuh was miss my colleagues, were presented to Mr. Wakeford "Plans for the Mr. Wakeford, of Greenways. bul we shall probabK Mr.

Wakeford's wife Barbara service In 1963 afler 22 years Mr. and Mrs. was presented with a bouquet of with the Royal Navy. Dowers. He served four years at Kings- Meech.

officially retires on Monday, fil- led the club..

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