Manage Your Kohl's Credit Card | Kohl's (2024)

See if you’re prequalified for a Kohl’s Card with no impact to your credit score.

Manage Your Kohl's Credit Card | Kohl's (1)

Already have a Kohl’s Card?

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Open a Kohl’s Card Today!

Once approved, take an extra

your first Kohl’s Card purchase.

*Exclusions apply.

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Kohl’s Card + Kohl’s Rewards® = a win-win!

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earn 50% more rewards

with a Kohl’s Card.

(That’s 7.5% instead of 5%!)

Manage Your Kohl's Credit Card | Kohl's (3)

See your savings & benefits.

Take a look at your current coupons.

Manage Your Kohl's Credit Card | Kohl's (4)

Enjoy exclusive discounts.

Keep an eye out for monthly Kohl’s Card holder exclusive savings opportunities and a special anniversary offer every year.

Stack & save even more.

Combine your Kohl’s Card exclusive discounts with Kohl’s Cash®, rewards and other ways to save for even more value.

Shop & get free shipping.

Become an MVC (Most Valued Customer) when you spend $600 a year with your Kohl’s Card and enjoy monthly free shipping opportunities.

Shopping made easy.

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Manage your Kohl’s Card.

All your exclusive discounts, Kohl’s Cash® and rewards are automatically saved in the Wallet. No more paper and no more forgetting.

Safely save & pay with Kohl’s Pay.

Quickly select all your discounts, rewards and Kohl’s Cash and apply them with one easy scan at checkout.

Manage Your Kohl's Credit Card | Kohl's (5)

Go paperless.

We know you care about the planet, and we do too. Going paperless is one small way to make a big impact.

Sign up for paperless Kohl’s Card statements.

Other ways to pay your bill.

You can also quickly and easily pay your bill
by phone, mail or in store.

Learn More | Canadian Cardholders

Frequently asked questions

Did you receive my payment?

How do I check my balance?

Log into to view your transactions, payments, and more.

Where can I find my exclusive discounts?

For easiest convenience, sign up for Kohl’s emails at so your discounts can get sent straight to your inbox. From there, discounts can be found in your wallet if you download the Kohl’s App.

How do I apply for the Kohl’s Card?

When will my card come in the mail?

*35% COUPON IS VALID ON QUALIFYING PURCHASES FOR ONE TRANSACTION WITH YOUR NEW KOHL’S CARD WITHIN 14 DAYS OF CREDIT APPROVAL. Subject to credit approval. Must surrender coupon with ID in store before your card arrives or enter code on with your temporary account number. Limit one per customer. Nontransferable.

DOLLAR-OFF COUPONS, INCLUDING KOHL’S CASH®, WILL BE APPLIED PRIOR TO PERCENT-OFF TOTAL PURCHASE COUPONS. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other percent-off coupons, including age-specific discounts.

COUPON EXCLUSIONS: Not valid on price adjustments; payments on a Kohl’s credit card account; taxes; shipping or handling fees; gift cards; Kohl’s Cares® cause or other charitable items; Sephora at Kohl’s; and/or any other categories and brands of merchandise identified as coupon ineligible.

COUPON ELIGIBLE BRANDS INCLUDE: Apt. 9, Croft & Barrow, FLX, Jumping Beans, SO, Sonoma Goods For Life, Tek Gear, The Big One, LC Lauren Conrad, Nine West, Simply Vera Vera Wang, and other great brands. See for a full list of included brands.



Are you a frequent Kohl's shopper? Do you find yourself heading to Kohl's stores or often for kids' clothing, bedding or kitchen gear? Apply for a Kohl's Card and save more than ever before! Your Kohl's Card entitles you to gain access to extra savings coupons throughout the year. And, on your first day of using your Kohl's Card you can save another 35% on your purchase.

Save more by combining your Kohl's Card coupons with Kohl's Cash and Kohl's Rewards. If you spend $600 on your Kohl's Card, you become a Most Valued Customer (MVC) and receive additional coupons throughout the year. Save on everything your family needs, from shoes and everyday basics to furniture, jewelry and home goods. Your Kohl's Card can help you on your way to finding what you love for a great price.

Manage Your Kohl's Credit Card | Kohl's (2024)


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