This Day, June 29, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L – All #ourCOG News (2024)


1096: Crusaders massacred the Jews of Mehr.

1106: Moses Sephardi was baptized at Huseca, Spainand took the name of Petrus Alphonsi, the noted “physician, writer, astronomerand polemicist.” Among those who tookissue with Alphonsi’s multiple attacks on Judaism was Jacob be Reuben, aSpanish rabbi who wrote Sefer Milhamot Adonai ("Book of the Wars ofthe Lord"

1312: Today, upon the return of Emperor Henry VII“from his coronation in the Lateran Basilica, he was presented with a scroll ofthe Law by a delegation of Jews which had gone to meet him.”

1397: Birthdate of John II of Aragon who reignedfrom 1456 until his death in 1479. During John’s reign Conversos and Jews heldpositions of power and influence. John even employed a Jew as his personalphysician. Within 13 years of his death,the Jews would be expelled from the Iberian Peninsula.

1494: A fire broke out destroying part of Warsaw.The Jews were accused of setting the fire and attacked. King John I orderedthem to leave the city and move to the "suburb" of Kazimierz, whichbecame the first Polish ghetto. Jews were confined to the ghetto until 1868.

1509:Lady Margaret Beaufort whose son King Henry VII agreed to Spanish demands thatJews not be allowed to live in England as part of the terms of the marriage ofhis son to Catherine and whose grandson Henry VIII purchased a Talmud in hisattempt justify divorcing Catherine and marrying Anne Boleyn, passed awaytoday. (As reported by David Sedley)

1598:Birthdate of English preacher and political leader Hugh Peters who supportedthe ideas of Roger Williams which included “writing on behalf of the tolerationof Jews.”

1613: Fifteen years after the copyright was obtainedfor the “Merchant of Venice,” Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre burned.

1652(23rd of Tammuz): Bible scholar Mosesde Meccado passed away today.

1654: In Cuenca, Spain, 57 Marranos were taken tothe auto-da-fe. Ten were burnt to death. One of them, Balthasar Lopez,announced as he was taken to the stake "I don't believe in Christ even ifyou bind me." He had returned recently from Bayonne in order to persuadehis nephew to return to Judaism when he was captured by the Inquisition.

1654: A large auto-de-fe took place in Cuenca wheremany were burned to death. One man about to be burned threw the crucifix awayfrom him. A priest scrambled to retrieve it and managed to talk the man intoholding it again. As the executioner began to do his job, the priest asked ifthe man was truly repent, the dying man looked at him and said, "Father…doyou think that this is a time to joke?"

1654: Sir Edward Nicholas, the secretary of CharlesII who had written “An Apology for the Honorable Nation of the Jews whichcalled for their readmission to England and who was then living in exile “wroteto his fellow royalist sir Marmaduke Langdale, going so far as to doubt thereport that Cromwell was in communication with the Jews ‘who are a very craftand worldly-wise generation’ and stressing that ‘the Jews are numerous and richand offer great matters for their privileges in England.’”

1660: John Thurloe, a supporter of Oliver Cromwellwho “had been instructed to study the Jewish Question” and who met with theJews of Amsterdam including Menasseh be Israel at a time when plans were beingmade to officially re-admit the Jews to England was released today after havingbeen arrested on charges of high treason.

1665: During the Inquisition, a “great auto-de-fe”took place in Cordova.

1720: Judah Monis, the son of Portguese conversoswho had been educated at Jewish schools in Italy and Holland submittedhandwritten copy of A Grammar of the Hebrew Tongue to the HarvardCorporation which led to his being award a Masters of Degree making him thefirst Jew to graduate from Harvard. Hewould later convert so that he could join the school’s faculty.

1756(1st of Tammuz, 5516): Schoeneche Moses, A.M.Rothschild’s mother, dies from smallpox.

1776(12thof Tammuz, 5536): Parshat Chukat

1776:David S. Franks, who “joined the Americans as a volunteer in their retreat fromMontreal back accorss the border into upstate New York” “received permission toenter the United States at Albany” today with a pass that “certified he is afriend to the American cause.”

1776:Jews in the 13 colonies observed Shabbat for the last time as British subjectssince the Continental Congress would be publishing the Declaration ofIndependence in the upcoming week.

1776:As members of New York’s Congregation Sheartih Israel observe Shabbat, themassive British fleet carrying the army that was ordered to crush the rebellionin North America dropped anchor in the water’s just outside of the city.

1779: Birthdate of Kingston, Jamaicanative Slowey Hays, the daughter of Moses Michael Hays “a prosperous merchantand banker” and the sister of Catherine Hays.

1779: Birthdate of Amsterdam native Isaac HaimBitton, who, at the age of ten, moved to London with his father where he becamenoted bare-knuckle (pre-Marquis of Queensbury) boxer.

1783(29th of Sivan, 5543): Sixteen-day-old SamsonMears Isaacs, the son of Jacob Isaacs passed away today in New York

1790(17th of Tammuz, 5550): Tzom Tammuz observed as“diplomats from England, Austria, Prussia and the United Provinces were meetingat Reichenbach “to discuss possible military intervention against the FrenchRevolution.

1792(29th of Tammuz, 5552):Seventy-seven-year-old English physician Ralph Schomberg, the Cologne born sonof Dr. Meyer Low Schoberg, twin brother of Isaac Schomberg and father of BritishNaval Captain Isaac Schomberg, according to some who had converted “to advancehis career passed away today at Reading, England.

1805: In Philadelphia, Miriam Marks an BenjaminAbraham Nones who were married in 1782 gave birth to their 13thchild, Jefferson Nones.

1806: Two days after he passed away, SamsonGompertz, the son of Barent Gompertz and Rachel Benjamin Isaac was buried todayin the United Kingdom

1807: Birthdate of mathematician Mortiz AbrahamStern, the native of Frankfurt who “was the first Jewish full professor at aGerman university” in this case Göttingen University.

1813: In New York, Eleazar Samuel Lazarus andZipporah Lazarus gave birth to Moses Lazarus the husband of Esther Lazarus whowere the parents of the famous poet Emma Lazarus.

1814: AaronNathan married Mary Mosely at the Great Synagogue.

1818: In New York, Alexander and Esther Hetty Marksgave birth to Joseph Hart Marks, the husband of Cecilia Marks.

1818: Nathan Mayer Rothschild and his wife gavebirth to their fourth son, Baron Mayer Nathan de Rothschild who married hisfirst cousin Juliana, the eldest daughter of Isaac Cohen in 1850. He was the father-in-law of Lord Rosebery.

1819: In Cologne, Germany, the former MarianneRindskopf and Isaac Juda Offenbach Eberst gave birth to their second son Jakob Offenbach whogained game as cellist and prolific composer Jacques Offenbach, the creator ofalmost 100 operettas.

1820: In Krakow, “Jekuthiel Solomon, a scholarlymerchant who claimed he was a descendant of R. Moses Isserles” and his wifegave birth “to Polish Galician rabbi and historian Haim Nathan Dembitzer.”

1827(4th of Tammuz, 5587): Sixty-five year old MosesBelinfante who founded Sulamith, thefirst Dutch newspaper devoted to reporting the news of the Jewish communitypassed away today at The Hague.

1828(17th of Tammuz, 5588): Tzom Tammuz

1828: Birthdate of Solomon Loeb, the German-Americanmerchant and banker who founded Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

1832(1st of Tammuz, 5592): Rosh ChodeshTammuz

1832(1st of Tammuz, 5592): Eleven yearold George Levy, the son of Hayman and Almeria Levy passed away today.

1836: Today twice married Joshua Lopez, the son ofSarah Rodriguez Rivera and Aaron Edward Lopez married Mary Ann Gomez, themother of his son Aaron Edwin Lopez.

1839: Birthdate of Hanover native and holder ofdegrees from the universities of Breslau and Göttingen, and the rabbinicalseminary of Breslau who was an expert on the life and writings of Spinoza.

1841: In the United Kingdom, the general electionwhich saw Disraeli win a seat for Shrewsbury began today.

1843; It was reported today that Ellen Ezekiel had marriedBristol resident Abaham Mosely, the son of Moss Mosely.

1847: Barnet Samuel Phillips married Philippa Samuelat the Great Synagogue.

1849: Birthdate of Count Sergei Yulyevich Witte, the1st Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Empire whose career hadsuffered because his second wife, Matilda Ivanovna (Isaakovna) Lisanevich, wasa converted Jew.

1852: “Hospital for the Jews” published today reported that "a numberof Jewish citizens have united together for the purpose" of providingmedical and surgical care to their poor co-religionists. The articleprovides a long list of names to which contributions can be sent includingSamson Simson, John I. Hart and Benjamin Nathan.

1852: In Cincinnati, Ohio, Fannie and Solomon Loeb were married today.

1852: Henry Clay, U.S. Senator from Kentucky and Secretary of State, passedaway. In 1832, Senator Clay had used the term “Jew” in a manner that SamuelEtting of Baltimore considered a slur on his people. He wrote to Clay complaining of hislanguage. Clay wrote back and apologizedassuring Ettinger that he had not intended the use of the word Jew to be takenin that manner and that he had the utmost respect for the Jewish people. In 1850, Senator Clay led the fight in theSenate to reject a treat with the Swiss Confederation which would have subjectedAmerican Jews traveling in Switzerland to the laws of that country thatdiscriminated against any Jews living there regardless of theirnationality. [When you consider how fewJews there were living in the United States at this time, let alone inKentucky, one cannot assume that Clay’s positive interaction on Jewish matterswas one that he thought would bring him great political gain.]

1852(12th of Tammuz, 5612): Rabbi Aaron Moses Taubes passed away today.

1853: An article entitled "France," subtitled "Theatricaland Operatic Intelligence" published today reports from Paris thatHalevy's opera, "The Nabob" will be produced in less than amonth. It is his first production since the close of "The WanderingJew."

1855: Joseph Moses Levy agreed to print the Daily Telegraph & Courierwhich was founded today and which Levy acquired when the original owner failedto pay his printing bill.

1857: The New York Times reported that “bothHouses of Parliament were engaged in consider the Jews’ Oath and Disabilitiesbill.” A motion to insert the words “onthe true faith of a Christain” as is found in the current oath was rejected bya vote of 341 to 201. During the debate,Lord Palmerston said “that with the passage of the bill there was nothing toprevent Jews from hold the office of Lord Chancellor or Prime Minister.

1857: In Jonesborough, TN, Helen Guggenheimer Coneand Herman Moses Cone gave birth to Moses Herman Cone who married Bertha LindauCone in 1888 and was known as the “Denim King” because he and his brotherCaesar established “a textile empire inGreensboro, North Carolina that became the largest provider of denim materialin the world, outstripping even Levi Strauss and Company.”

1857: The New York Times reported that "In the House ofCommons, Lord Palmerston gave notice that he would bring a bill to remodel theParliamentary oaths - to omit the words 'on the true faith of aChristian’and thereby to admit Jews into Parliament. Leave was given to bring inthe bill."

1862(1st of Tammuz, 5622): A month to the day afterGeneral Beauregard’s Confederate Army abandoned Corinth to the Union Army, Jewsobserved Rosh Chodesh Tammuz.

1863: During the Civil War, the 11thregiment of the New York State Militia under the command of Colonel JoachimMaidhof which had been folded into the Union Army, “took part in a skirmishnear Oyster Point, PA.”

1864: Elias Leon Hyneman a trooper in the 5thPennsylvania Cavalry was taken prisoner during a raid near Petersburg, VA. Hyneman was captured after he had given hishorse to a wounded trooper whose horse had been shot out from under him andgave his boots to another wounded comrade who was barefoot. Hyneman ended up the hell of Andersonvillewhere he died in January of 1865. It was a miserable end for man who hadvolunteered at the start of the war and had fought with the Army of the Potomacfrom 1862 through the Wilderness Campaign of 1864.

1864(25th of Sivan, 5624): During the Civil War,Henry Cohen of South Carolina was killed while serving with the Confederacy.

1865: Philadelphian Ellis C. Strouss who hadenlisted as a Private in Company K of the 57th Regiment in 1861completed his service having reached the rank of Captain.

1865: Jacob Herrman, who had risen to the rank ofSergeant in Company C of the 98th Regiment and who had been “woundedat Cedar Creek, VA in 1864 completed his service that had begun in 1861)

1868(9th of Tammuz, 5628): Fitty-eight-year-oldphysician, lawyer and Louisiana political leader Edwin Moise, the Charleston,SC born son of Hyam and Ceclia Mose whomarried Louise Hubert after the death of his first wife Priscilla Lopez passedaway today in Jefferson Parish, LA after which he was buried in New Orleans.

1869: Elie-Aristide Astruc, who had been serving asthe Chief Rabbi of Belgium of 1866 attended the Synod at Leipzig which begantoday.

1869:In Indianapolis, IN, John and Elizabeth Booth Tarkington gave birth to novelistNewton Booth Tarkington who gained fame as Pulitzer Prize winning novelistBooth Tarkington author of The Magnificent Ambersons whom, according toGreg Wright may, or may not have been an anti-Semite of sorts. (Editor’s note –I will leave this up to the readers to make their own decision)

1870(30th of Sivan, 5630): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1870: In NYC, Louis and Adelaide Spitzer gave birthBellevue Hospital Medical Colle trained physician Edward L. Spitzer, the directingof Medicine at the Jewish Memorial Hospital Clinic and the husband of Kate Levywhom he married in 1909.

1872: Birthdate of Prague native Alertina Advelovawho was murdered at Terezin.

1872: Jacob Levi, a Jew from Germany, living in NewYork, was arrested by Captain Leary on charges of having swindled AloisGrieshaber out of $545 and Joseph Ruath out of $1,000. He was “committed to theTombs” where he will stay until his trial takes place.

1874: InBudapest, Herman and Theresa Leblang gave birth to American “theatricalfinancier” Joseph Leblang and husband of Tillie Richter who was the “sole owner of the George M.Cohan Theatre” on 48th Street.

1875: In NewYork City, Eva Stark and Sigmund Naumburg gave birth to CCNY graduate and NewYork University trained attorney Bernard Naumberg, the husband of Elsa G. Herzfeldand “chief instructor and supervisor of lecturers in the Post Graduate LawDepart of CCNY” who was secretary of the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society anda delegate to the Federation of Jewish Charities.

1875: Birthdateof University of California trained civil engineer Philip Lee Bush, thetwo term president of the San Francisco Board of Education and Chief Engineerof the California Pack Corporation.

1875: EmperorFerdinand I of Austria passed away. During Ferdinand’s reign the Jews becamefull-fledged citizens of the Empire under the terms of the “Ausgleich”.

1877: Today, Frederick W. Seward, the U.S. AssistantSecretary of State wrote a letter today to Meyer S. Isaacs, the President ofthe Board of Delegates of American Israelites.The letter was written in response to one that the Board of Delegateshad sent asking that the U.S. government intervene on behalf of the Jews, manyof them who are from Russia, living in and around Jerusalem. The secretary saidthat normally protection of the U.S. government is given only to U.S. citizensliving abroad. However, the U.S. hasshown its “sympathy for all the oppressed peoples in foreign countries” so longas it actions can be taken in accordance with “international courtesy anddiplomatic usage.”

1878: “A Large Furniture House Fails” publishedtoday described the surprising demise of B.L. Solomon and Sons, a 45-year-oldconcern whose partners included four Solomons – Barnet, Solomon, Judah andSimon. The company reported that it had$300,000 in liabilities. The failure wasattributed to the inability to liquidate real estate own by B.L. Solomon which,if it had been sold, would have been able to provide more than adequate workingcapital for the company. [Drop in the real estate market causes businessfailure – sound familiar?)

1879: In Budapest, Herman and Theresa Leblang gavebirth to American “theatrical financier” and husband of Tillie Richter JosephLeBlang who was the “sole owner of the George M. Cohan Theatre” on 48th Street.

1879: In Lubeck, Germany Frieda and Abraham AdolphMoses Lissauer gave birth to Dr. Meno Lissauer, the founder and chairman of theAssociated Metals and Minerals Corporation who made his way from Nazi occupiedHolland via Lisbon to the United States where he became “a director of theAmerican Federation of Jews in Central Europe and established a scholarship andendowment at Brandeis while raising a son and daughter – Franz and Hannah –with his wife Meta.

1881: The Board of Estimate and Apportionmentawarded $51,556.42 to a variety of charitable insituions including $2,020.00for the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society.

1881: Birthdate of Berlin native and notedmusicologist Curt Sachs, a refugee from the Nazis who settled in the Unitedwhere he taught at NYU and Columbia and whose contributions to his field ofendeavor are remember in the Curt Sachs Award created by the American MusicInstrument Society.

1882: In Beirut, Lebanon B.A. and Emma R. Leon gavebirth to attorney Maurice Leon, the stepson of Professor Richard J.H. Gottheilwho in 1894 came to the United States where he was “instrumental in getting theFrench government its first war loans in the United States” in the amount often million dollars and organized in 1915 the “double anniversary of the birthof General Lafayette and the Battle of the Marne” while being active in theRepublican Party and writing such books as The Problem of Aggression in 1943.

1882: InBaltimore, MD, Benjamin Hopkins and Fannie Kahn gave birth toe John Hopkinstrained physician and Captain in the Medical Reserve of the United States ArmySolomon Strouse who married Edith J. Mayer in Chicago while he was serving asan attending physician at Michael Rseese and an associate professor of medicineat Northwestern University.

1882: As the Freight Handlers’ Strike continues toslow down commercial activity in New York and New Jersey, foreign bornstrike-breakers including150 Russian Jews were kept busy at the piers of theEmpire and Star Union Lines. Other foreign born workers including those fromGermany and Italy were work elsewhere on the docks.

1882: The Board of Estimate and Apportionment met inthe Mayor’s office today and awarded $27,427.98 to a variety of charitableinstitutions including $1,433.81 to the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society.

1882: “A Noble Hebrew Charity” published todayreported that the newly opened Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews in Yonkers isthe first of its kind to be built and furnished by the B’nai B’rith. The planis to build an orphanage on the same grounds once funds are available. Both facilities are for the use members andtheir families. The home has a capacityfor approximately 250 men and women.

1882: According to reports from Odessa (Russia), theDistrict Court of Tiraspol (Moldavia) has sentenced the “anti-Semites” whokilled one Jew and injured several others during riots at Dubosari (Moldavia)in April. The guilty parties have beendeprived of their civil rights and transportation (to Siberia) for three years.

1882: It was reported today that the Sultan is aboutto issue a “firman” granting Jewish refugees the right to settle in parts ofNorth Syria and Mesopotamia

1883: “Pauper Immigrants” published today describedthe quandary faced by the Emigration Commissioners in dealing with thosearriving on ships from Great Britain who appeared to be indigent. According tothe Attorney General of New York, those without funds would be admitted only ifthey could prove that they had friends who were willing and able to care forthem. The deliberations never mentioned Russian or Romanian Jews, but theywould obviously be affected by the ruling. [Editor’s Note – Immigration policydisputes are not a 21st century invention.]

1884: The Jewish quarter was pillaged today duringanti-Semitic riots in Algiers.

1884: The Mound Street Temple in Cincinnati, Ohiowas the scene of today’s graduation exercises for those who have successfullycompleted the course of study at the Hebrew Union College, which describesitself as the only Rabbinical College in the United States. The class of five was the second tograduate. All of last year’s graduatesare employed. So far, one member of thisyear’s class has been hired by a congregation in Leavenworth, Kansas and theothers expect job offers within the near future.

1886: Birthdate of LaSalle, Illinois orphan andUniversity of Michigan alum Harry Lachman, a painter and film director” who was“a friend of Picasso, Renoir, Matisse and Monet.”

1887: It was reported today that the HebrewTechnical Institute on Stuyvesant Street is beginning new classes that willinclude instruction in mechanical drawing, word working, clay modeling andmetal working as well as math, physics and English. The full course of instruction takes threeyears to complete. [The emphasis on vocational education reflects the need toprovide skills for eastern European Jews who did not know how to compete in theindustrial world of their new home country.]

1888: In Paris, Jules Halphen and MarieRodrigues-Péreire gave birth to Noémie Halphen, the granddaughter of financierEugène Péreire of the Sephardic-Jewish Péreire family of Portugal who werebanking rivals of the Rothschilds who gained fame as philanthropist Noemie deRothschild, the wife of Maurice de Rothschild and mother Edmond Adolphe deRothschild

1889(30th of Sivan, 5649): Rosh ChodeshTammuz and on the Jewish calendar, the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Moses Najara ofDamascus.

1889: Birthdate of Russian native, Esther CohenBelsky, the resident of Massachusetts and wife of Charles Eizia Belsky wit whomshe had five children – Gloria, Abraham, Frederick, Robert and Theodore.

1890: In Rochester, NY, Sarah Davis and Morris JacobHenshel, the husband of Harry Davis Henshel and a member of the board ofdirectors of the Y.M.H.A.NY who was vice president of the S.S. Corporation and startingin 1919, President of the Hensel Company.

1890: “Arrested For Arons published today describedclaims by authorities that they have affidavits from witnesses claiming theysaw Samson Hiedenheimer, a prominent Galveston, TX Jewish businessman set firedto the Standard Oil Mill and then drive off in a buggy with his brother IsaacHeidenheimer. The Heidenheimers own thecompany and it is alleged they burned it to collect insurance money.

1891: In Xanten, Prussia, the libelous charges ofritual murder were uttered publicly. The rise of anti-Semitism culminating inthis libel resulted in an exodus of Jews from Germany to the United States andother countries.

1891: Serious “anti—Semitic riots are reported” tohave broken out in Kherson in southern Russia.

1892: “Will Challenge De Mores” published todaydescribed the plans of Captain Andre Crémieu-Foa,a Jew serving in the French army to fight a duel with Marquis de Mores after hehas stood trial for killing Captain Armand Mayer. De Mores has already fought a duel withEduard Drumont following his articles in LibreParole claiming that Jews have too much control over the French Army

1892: “In a letter to his mentor Josef Breuer,Sigmund Freud makes his first references to the ‘unconscious’ and tounconscious motivation.”

1893(15th of Tammuz, 5653): Thirty-three-year-oldhistorian Julius Aronius who was working on a history of the Jews of Germanyduring the Middle Ages which gave “in chronological order, under each date, anabstract of every entry in the medieval chronicles and documents relating tothe Jews of Germany” at the time of his death today in Rastenburg.

1895: Annie Silverman, the wife of Wolf Silvermanpassed away today in New York.

1895: “Homeless and Destitute Jews” published todayrelies on information that first appeared in The London Daily News to describedthe plight of the “nearly two hundred Jews” who have been left “homeless anddestitute” by the terrible fire at Brest-Litovsk. The refugees are being take care of by theHebrew Benevolent Association at Odessa.

1896: Birthdate of Boris Podollsky, the Russian bornAmerican physicist who worked with Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen, the fatherof Dr. Joe Rosen.

1896: Two days after he passed away, seventy-sevenHannah Nathan (nee Hart) who had been married to Morris Horowitz before shemarried Moses Nathan was buried today at the West Ham Jewish Cemetery.

1896: Herzl leaves Turkey in possession of the"Commander's Cross of the Order of the Medjidje" as visible evidenceof the seriousness of the negotiations. On the way back to Vienna, Herzl spendsa few hours in Sofia. He his conducted to the Zionist Society and thesynagogue. Hundreds of people cheer him.

1896: “Julius S. Abecasis, the well-known rubberbroker” and prominent member of the Sephardic community in New York, wasinjured today “in a collision between his bicycle and an express wagon drivenby Charles Reilly.

1897: “The Hebrew Technical School for Girls heldits commencement exercises today at the school building on Henry Street.”

1897(29th of Sivan, 5657): Sixty-five-year-oldSolomon Bloomfield, a member of the Free Sons of Israel, died this morning atMt. Sinai Hospital. A native of Germany,he came to this country 40 years settling first in New York before moving toCalifornia where he operated a successful tobacco business. Upon returning toNew York “he opened a shoe store on Sixth Avenue” which he continued to operate“until two years ago when he retired.”

1897: “Jews Persecuted in Persia” published todaydescribed reports by the United States Minister of Persia of a recent Musliminvasion of the Jewish quarter in Teheran. His appeal to the Shah failed toimprove matters since “the officers sent to protect” them “extorted all theirmoney.”

1898: Today University of Cincinnati graduate HUCordained rabbi, Dr. Frederick Cohn the East Attleboro, MA born son of BerthaHartman and Joseph Cohn, and the holder of a Ph.D. from the University ofNebraska who was a member of the board of directors of Omaha Jewish WelfareFederation, married Esther Kleimen Hagan.

1898: Luigi Luzzatti, the second Jew to serve asPrime Minister of Italy, completed his first stint as Minister of the Treasury.

1900: The Prinzessin Victoria Luise a Germanpassenger ship of the Hamburg-America Line of some 4,409 gross register tonscredited with having been the first purpose-built cruise ship which was builtafter Albert Ballin, the director of the Hamburg-American Line envisioned theproject and order it built, was launched today.

1901(12th of Tammuz, 5661): ParashatChukat-Balak

1901: It was reported today that according tofigures “contained in the preliminary report on the census of Ireland, thereare now 3,769 Jews living on the island which represents an increase of 1,990from the last head count.

1901: “Our London Cable” published today took noteof the recent death of composer Charles Kensington Salaman author of TheJews as They Published which contained an “ingenious chapter entitled‘Shylock from a Jewish Point of View’.” (Editor’s note – the item did notmention that this distinguished musician was Jewish.)

1902:” A Museum of Peace and War” published todaydescribed the opening of the museum in Lucerned found by the late Russianfinancier, economist and author of The Future of War, Jan Gotlib Blochwho was born Jewish but converted to Calvinism.

1903: In New York City, real estate developerAbraham Felt and his wife gave birth to Wharton graduate James Felt whofollowed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather when he went into tothe real estate business instead of becoming a Rabbi and went on to become theChairman of the City Planning Commission

1903: Birthdate of Alan Blumlein, English engineer,who played a key role in developing electronic equipment for the RAF that wascritical in holding the Germans at bay in the years following the fall ofFrance in 1940.

1904: In Louisville, KY, The Committee on Synoddelivered its report to conference of Reform Rabbis that favored theestablishment of “a synod to for the central government of the church” whichwould be the most important step taken since the start of the Reform movementbecause up until now, each congregation has acted in a virtually autonomousmanner.

1904: Today, in Scranton, PANYU trained attorneyHenry B. Singer, the Carbondale, PA son of Samuel and Dorothea Singer marriedFrances Moses who as Frances MosesSinger was active in the Red Cross and who during World War Two worked for“Bundles for Britain” and made “kits for wounded soldiers under the auspices ofthe Ladies Auxiliary of Temple Emanu-El.”

1905: It was reported today that fervor ofrevolution “has spread to the cities in the Jewish Pale in all the old Polishprovinces along the border of Russian Poland proper” and in Kiev about 200 Jews“were ridden down by gendarmes and Cossacks” after they had been found carryinga red flag and shouted “Down with the war!”

1905: Today, twenty-eight-year-old Berlin UniversityPh.D. Ludwick Silberstein, the Warsaw born son of Emily and Silberstein marriedRose Eisenman while serving as professor of mathematical physics at theUniversity of Rome and after which he went on to be a researcher of EastmanKoka and lecturer at Cornell, the University of Chicago and Toronto University.

1906: Birthdate of Port Arthur, TX, native andHarvard Law School graduate Irving Loeb Goldberg, the WW II naval veteran whocapped his legal career by serving as Judge of the United States Court ofAppeals for the Fifth Circuit.

1906: Birthdate of San Francisco native Benjamin A.“Benny” Lom, the three-season all-star halfback at the University ofCalifornia, Berkley “best known for his attempt to stop a team mate fromrunning the “wrong way” in the 1929 Rose Bowl

1907(17th of Tammuz, 5667): ParashatBalak

1907: The 120 delegates attending the ZionistConventions in Tannersville, NY, did not transact any business today because itwas Shabbat.

1908: Birthdate of Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon, AmericanJewish archaeological scholar.Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon was a scholar of NearEast culture and a leading expert on ancient languages.Dr. Gordon wasprofessor of Near Eastern studies at Brandeis University from 1956 to 1973 andchairman of its department of Mediterranean studies from 1958 to 1973. He was aprofessor of Hebrew studies at New York University from 1973 to 1989, when heretired. In part, his claim to fame came from his writings on Ugaritic, anancient language spoken in part of what is todayismodernSyria. Based on hislinguistic and otherstudies, Dr. Gordon believed that the Greeks and the Israelites had a commoncultural origin. Dr. Gordon passed away in 2001.

1909: Twenty-five-year-old NYU trained attorneyLouis Brodsky, the Russian born son of Sarah and Ely and Brodsky who went on tobecome a Judge in the Magistrates Court in New York City while serving aChairman of Borough Park Branch of Keren Hayesod and a director of the HebrewOrphan Home, today married Rebecca Nieberg in New York City.

1909: “Money Spent to Guard Jews” published todaydescribed plans by the reactionaries governing Odessa to “bring an actionagainst” those governing the city in 1909 for the misuse funds because amongother things, they spent a large amount of money “for the maintenance of aspecial militia against the anti-Jewish outbreaks.”

1910:Birthdate of composer Frank Loesser. Loesser wrote suchBroadway hits as“Guys and Dolls” and “How To Succeed in BusinessWithout Trying.” Hewon anOscar for "Baby It's Cold Outside." He passed awayin 1969.

1911:In Los Angeles, The American Medical Association elected 85 year old Dr.Abraham Jacob, “a specialist in children’s diseases” who “took part in theGerman revolution of 1848 and came to the United States as refugee, to serve asPresident making him the first person to be so chosen who was not a conventionattendee.

1911:Birthdate of Polish native and Holocaust survivor Laura Ellenbogen.

1911:Joseph Seligman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Newton Seligman is scheduled tomarry Josephine Knowles of Pensacola, FL, in Massawittie Lodge in North Hatley,Canada.

1911:Birthdate of composer Bernard Herrmann, the son of Jewish immigrants fromRussia who created the theme music of a whole host of films. He created the music for the Orson Wells’classics, Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Amberson. He was a favorite of Alfred Hitchco*ck forwhom provided the theme muic for Trouble with Harry, Vertigo, North byNorthwest and Psycho. He passed away in1975. Herrmann is another example of theJewish role in creating modern American culture.

1912:According to today’s issue of Scientific American, the U.S. Secretary ofWar selected a special board of officers to investigate the accident thatkilled test pilot Arthur L. Welsh and his passenger, Lieut. LeightonHazelhurst, officer-aviator of the U.S. Signal Corps. The investigation wouldplace the blame on Welsh. Investigatorsreported that Welsh and Hazelhurst were testing out a new weight-carryingmilitary biplane just delivered for trial by the Wright Company. They began aclimbing test of 200 feet a minute for 10 minutes with a weight of 450 pounds,and fuel for four hours. The investigation stated that Welsh rose to about 150feet in order to dive at an angle of about 45 degrees to gain momentum for asharp rise. The report concluded that the reversal occurred too suddenly. TheWelsh family did not agree with the outcome of the investigation. Welsh’s “widow always believed that the WarDepartment pushed too hard for tests that were sure to fail. On the day of thecrash, not only was Welsh carrying too much of a load, but he also carried hispassenger and was expected to climb too quickly and too high when you considerthe weight. Too much was expected." Regardless of which view one believes,the final word on Welsh’s career may be been written by General “Hap” Arnold,the five star general who served in both the U.S. Army Air Forces and the newlycreated U.S. Air Force. In a 1930 letter to Welsh's sister, Arnold wrote,"The pioneers in the aviation game were the ones who took all the risksand received little in exchange for their daring. Al was one of thosepioneers." In his book Global Mission, Arnold wrote: "He hadtaught me all he knew, or rather, he had taught me all he could teach. He knewmuch more."

1912:Birthdate of Lucie Bernard who married Raymond Samuel, the French Jewishengineer who gained fame as Raymond Aubrac and she gained fame as Lucie Aubrachis fellow fighter against the Nazi occupation.

1913:The convention of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of the UnitedStates and Canada which was founded 15 years ago is scheduled to open thismorning at the Uptown Talmud Torah.

1913:In New York, Tifereth Israel dedicated its new synagogue.

1913:In Manhattan, formation of Temple of Moses Anshe Trob.

1913:Birthdate of Sir Gerald David Nunes Nabarro, the scion of “a prominent Sephardifamily” who converted to Christianity and served as an MK for the ConservativeParty.

1913:In New York dedication of Temple Moses Anshe Trob

1913:Start of the Second Balkan War.

1914:In McKeesport, PA, Sam and Lena Spiegel gave birth to Herbert Spiegel, thefamous physician who “treated pain, anxiety and addictions by putting peopleinto a trance.” (As reported by Benedict Carey)

1914:In Rochester, NY, the convention of the Federation of the American Zionistswhich Max Schulmam of the Knights of Zion and Miss Bessie Schulman of the“Hoachuzah Order are attending as delegates is scheduled to continue for asecond day.

1914:A day after the Austro-Hungarians declared war on the Serbians, Czar Nicholassent a telegram to Kaiser Wilhelm II suggesting “submitting theAustrian-Serbian problem to the Hague Convention” for resolution.

1915(17thof Tammuz, 5675) Tzom Tammuz

1915:Rabbi Moses G. Gries, the president of the of the Central Conference ofAmerican Rabbis, delivered an address today the its 26th conventionin which he said that “the fate of half the Jews of the world is trembling inthe balance as a result of the great war in Europe” in part because, “millionsof Jews in want and wretchedness now experience intensified cruelty.”

1916:Isidore Hershfield, Director of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Societywho has just returned from the European War Zone “declared in a meeting atCarnegie Hall that in occupied Russia alone, 750,000 Jews were on the verge ofstarvation” and he urged immediate relief measures” to alleviate theirsuffering including “the prompt shipment of foodstuffs to the staring districtsof Poland, Courland, Lithuania and Galicia.”

1916(28thof Sivan, 5676): Sixty-two-year-old“communal worker” Charles Jacobs passed away today in Glasgow, Scotland.

1916:Twenty-eight-year-old Columbia trained chemist Michael Heidelberger, the NewYork born son of Fannie and David Heidelberg who was a researcher atRockefeller Institute for Medical Research and the author of numerous works onchemistry married Nia Tachau today in Philadelphia.

1917:John Sloan wrote to Abraham F. Levinson saying that he was welcome to come toGloucester, MA where he could stay ‘and perhaps work indoors.’

1917:“British, French, Russian and Italian Ministers at the Hauge made jointrepresentations to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs asking that theNetherlands Minster at Constantinople be instructed to approach the TurkishGovernment and to request that in the name of humanity, a stop be put to Jewishpersecutions.”

1918:“Yiddish conversation was prohibited in the streets” of Romania.

1918:Consecration of the Dalston Talmud Torah in London.

1919:“Sahara” a silent film with music Hugo Riesenfeld was released today in theUnited States.

1919:Soldiers, sailors and marines who are in uniform were admitted free of chargeat this evening’ dance hosted by the Chicago Hebrew Institute.

1919:This afternoon, The Maccabee School is scheduled to host “entertainment” in theSocial Hall of the Administration Building of the C.H.I.

1919:The 21st Annual Convention of the Progressive Order of the Westended today in Chicago.

1919:In New York City, “Edgar J. and Mabel (Untergerg) Nathan gave birth to YaleUniversity trained attorney and U.S.A.A WW II veteran Edgar J. Nathan, thehusband of Ruth Gottesman with whom he had three children while serving asJudge for the United States District Court and as President of CongregationShearith Israel in NYC.

1920:Thirty-nine-year-old Johns Hopkins and University of California educatedmathematician Benjamin Abram Bernstein, the Lithuania born son of Wolfe andChaija Bernstein married Rose Davidson today while serving as an associateprofessor of mathematics at the University of California.

1920:Dr Adolph Werner, professor emeritus of the City College who died last Augustat the age of 80 “left an estate that was appraised at $91, 2525 net in theSurrogates’ Court today/

1920:Colonel Gustav Porgas was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal today.

1920:Harry Levy Services Corp, a Manhattan film agency located at 525 RiversideDrive was chartered today

1920:This evening in Rochester, NY, “Miss Sadie Huyla Rose, the daughter of Mr. andMrs. Bernard Rose” married Rabbi Baruch Weilerstein, the spiritual leader of“Temple Emanu-El of Borough Park in Brooklyn.

1921:Today, twenty-six-year-old Harvard Law School trained attorney and officer inthe Naval Reserve during WW I Henry Epstein, the Port Royal, SC born sonmarried Ethel Maxwell Steuer, the mother of Alan and Eric Steurer who was amember of Temple Israel in Rockaway, NY and a member of the IntercollegiateMenorah Association.

1921:Dr. Emil G. Hirsh, the Rabbi of Chicago’s Temple Sinai, officiated at themarriage of Mrs. Edith R. Sulzberger the daughter Mr. and Mrs. Julius Rosenwaldand Edgar B. Stern of New Orleans. ThisStern should not be confused with Alfred K. Stern who is the fiancée of Edith’ssister Marion.

1922:Birthdate of Trondheim native Lilly Dvoretsky, the seamstress who was deportedfrom Norway February of 1943 aboard the Gotenlandand murdered at Auschwitz in March of 1943.

1922:Birthdate of Ottawa born Royal Canadian Air Force Flying Officer LawrenceBalfour who enlisted in 1940 and was killed almost three years to the day laterafter which he was buried in Cheshire, UK.

1923:According to reports published today the land purchased by “Mary Fels, theprominent Zionist and widow of Joseph Fels will be opened to the “colonists ofPetach Tikvah and Zichron Yaakv.”

1923:Meyer Dizengoff, Mayor of Tel Aviv, addresses a letter to the New York Timesthanking everybody from the Mayor on down for the hospitality shown to himduring his recent trip to New York. Heexpressed his hope that the “first Jewish city” would benefit from the thingsshown him including the city’s public utility system.

1923:Thirty-two-year-old NYU and JTS graduate Israel Elfenbein, the Austrian bornson of Elaykim and Rebecca Elfensbein married Etta Hurwitz today which serving as the rabbi at Hunts PointJewish Center in the Bronx,

1924(27thof Sivan, 5684):Seventy-five-year-old Joseph Martin Raub, the New Jersey bornson of Elizabeth Koch and Philip Raub and the husband of Ophelia Clarik withwhom he had two children – Bertha and Joseph – passed away today in Brooklyn

1924: Birthdate of composer EzraLaderman, a leading 20th century classical composer. He has won the Rome Prize and severalGuggenheim Fellowships. He has taught atseveral leading institutions including Sarah Laurence and has been the visitingcomposer at Yale.

1925: In Oradour, Jean Hebras, “aveteran of World War I, led a team in charge of upkeep of the local tramway andmade extra money delivering telegram” and his wife Marie gave birth to “RobertHébras, who, shielded under dead bodies, survived an infamous 1944 massacre inwhich members of an SS Panzer division killed almost everyone in the village ofOradour-sur-Glane in France…” (As reported by Neil Genzlinger)

1925: In Brooklyn, baker Sam Storchand his wife Bessie gave birth to actor and producer Arthur Storch. (Asreported by Paul Vitello)

1926: In Buffalo, NY, action to hasten the extension ofthe Jewish agency to include the non-Zionists as well as Zionists in theupbuilding of Palestine as the Jewish homeland was taken in a resolutionadopted at this afternoon's session here of the convention of the Zionists organizationof America.

1926: Salomon Kornfeld, the eighty-one-year-old cantor whoarrived on the Deutschland on June 28th to his visit his sister Mrs.Rebecca Adelstein at Cleveland, whom he had not seen for 69 years, went toEllis Island” today after which he was admitted to the United States for threemonths under a $500 bond.

1926(17th of Tammuz, 5686): Tzom Tammuz

1926: “We Belong to the Imperial and Royal Infantry Regiment” asilent film directed, produced and written by Richard Oswald and starring FritSpiral was released in Germany today.

1926: Arthur Meighen returns to office as Prime Minister ofCanada. In 1925, while serving as leaderof the “loyal opposition” he spoke during ceremonies dedicating the new HebrewUniversity. Echoing traditional English-Canadian views on the Holy Land andJewish restoration, Meighen said, “Of all the results” of World War “none ismore important and more fertile in human history than the re-conquest ofPalestine and the rededication of that country to the Jewish people.” Meighenwent on to express the hope that “Jews in Canada [would] take a proper pride inthis great event and that the sons of generations to come may go back to theland of their destiny.”

1927: In Vienna, the former Anna Kahane and KalmanRubinger gave birth to Israeli photojournalist David Ruginger.

1928(11th of Tammuz, 5688): Morris Rich, founder of Atlanta’sfamed Rich’s Department Store, passed away.

1929(21st of Sivan, 5689): Parashat Beha’alotcha

1929(21st of Sivan, 5689): Rabbi William Lowenberg, whohad been born in 1854, passed away today in Philadelphia.

1929: “Two of the biggest and most successful department stores inthe United States became one today when R.H. Macy Co. announced the purchase ofL. Bamberger Co. of Newark following negotiations begun ten days ago.”

1929: Birthdate of Lalla Fatima Zohra the wife of Moulay AliAlaoui, the Moroccan prince who was one of the two principal negotiators withthe Israelis in Operation Yakhin that made it possible for almost 100,000 Jewsto leave the country and go to Israel.

1929: After his first wife passed in 1927, today in the New KahalChassidim Synagogue, Titanic survivor Abraham Joseph Hyman married the “widowEsther Libbert, née Rosengrass” whose husband, the jeweler Abraham Libbert”with whom she had had two children – Jack and Fanny

1929:Birthdate of Edgar Bronfman, Sr. CEO of Seagram’s until 1994

1930: Birthdate of producer Robert Evans

1930: In Cleveland, “Zionist leaders from all partsof the United States are scheduled to attend the unveiling of the Fountain inthe center of the Philosopher’s Circle which is the first unit of the HebrewGardens.”

1931: The Seventeenth World Zionist Congress isscheduled to open in Basle.

1932: Birthdate of British poet and critic PhilipDennis Hobsbaum.

1932: The Dow Jones industrial average dipped to 42and Roy R. Neuberger married Marie Salant, a graduate in economics from BrynMawr who had gone to work in the research department of Halle & Stieglitztwo years earlier.

1933: It was reported today that “London Jews arebeing asked to close their shops and or other businesses places on July 20 whenthe United Jewish Protest Committee has arranged to hold an all-Jewishdemonstration to arouse indignation against Hitlerite policies.”

1933: German Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen is inRome in the hopes of “preparing the ground for the conclusion of a concordatplacing the relations between the Holy See and Reich on a clear and permanentbasis.”

1933: Birthdate of Brooklyn native and SyracuseUniversity graduate Robert Morton Fass, who gained fame as radio pioneer andiconoclast Bob Fass.

1933(5th of Tammuz, 5693): Seventy-year-oldEllen Odette Cuffe, Countess of Desart, née Bischoffsheim who has been called'"the most important Jewish woman in Irish history" passed awaytoday.

1934: Birthdate of Alan Cohen who gained fame asCorey Allen “an American film and television director, writer, producer, andactor… be best known for playing the character Buzz Gunderson in Nicholas Ray's1955 film classic, “Rebel Without a Cause.”

1934: It was reported today that “shirt manufacturersthroughout New York City have organized a special division of the TradesCouncil of the United Jewish Appeal has raised more than five thousand dollarsfor the relief and rehabilitation of the Jews of Germany.”

1935(28th of Sivan, 5695): ParashatSh’lach

1935: General Sessions Judge Otto A Rosalsky setsail tonight on the Cunnard White Star ship Majestic.

1936: Rumania was wracked with widespread“anti-Semitic and Fascist agitation today” during which several Jews “werewounded.”

1936: In Tirguocna, Rumania, anti-Semitic studentsforced a boycott of Jewish shops while “a number of Jews were beaten” and thewindows of their stores and homes were smashed.

1936: ThePalestine Post reported that a government school was set on fire in Jaffa.Sniping continued on convoys of buses traveling on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv andJerusalem-Hebron roads. The long-awaited reply of the Arab Higher Committeeaddressed to the High Commissioner and the Colonial Office stated that theBritish government continued to ignore all its undertakings given to the Arabpeople.

1936: In Saratoga Springs, NY, Governor Lehmanaddressed the convention of the Independent Order of B’rith Abraham todayduring which “he advocated the founding of more Jewish community centersdeclaring ‘the future depends upon the integrity, intelligence and character ofour youth.’”

1936: The newly formed American League for ReligiousLiberty “composed of Catholics, Protestant and Jews” of which Governor Lehmanis one of the honorary chairmen, “began a national campaign today to uniteAmericans religious persecution”

1937: Leon Blum began serving as Vice-Premier ofFrance.

1937: At a public meeting marking the closing of the40th anniversary convention of the Zionist Organization of America,United States Senator Robert F. Wagner told the delegates that “Great Britainmust honor her objection to the Jews in Palestine and America has the right toexpect her to do so.”

1937: In Bulgaria, the latest anti-Semitic attackstook place tonight when a ‘bombing attempt was made against a synagogue” at thesame time that “the explosion of an infernal machine at Varna…wrecked a Jewishmerchant’s house.”

1937: In San Antonio, policeman conducted a“violent” raid on the headquarters of the Worker’s Alliance which was condemnedby Ephraim Firish the rabbi at Temple Beth-El a reform congregation in thissouthwest Texas city.

1938: “The Voelkischer Beobachter, the official Naziorgan, today published the names of 7,126 Vienna Jews ‘temporarily removed’from the list of practicing lawyers.

1938: “In the Augruarten, the park in the SecondDistrict or center of the Jewish population in Vienna, Jewish women were forcedto cut grass and afterward groups of Hitler Youths accompanied by StormTroopers raided many houses and forced Jewish men and women to come out andpaint on the walls of the Augarten ‘Entry to this park is prohibited to Jews.’”

1938 (30th of Sivan, 5698): Chanting the song of theRevisionist party and dressed in its uniform, 19-year-old Solomon ben Yosefsteadily walked to the gallows in the troop-surrounded prison at Acre at 8 A.M. He was sentenced to be hanged by the British for alleged terroristactivities, which in fact consisted of being part of a group that scared awayArabs by firing a shot in the air. His last words were "Yechi Jabotinsky(Long live Jabotinsky); Lamut o Lichbosh et Hahar (To die or take the mountain)"after which he sang “Hatikvah.” No Rabbi was present since today was RoshChodeshTammuz. In fact, some Jews had hoped that the British might use this asan excuse for commuting his death sentence. British airplanes, policemen andtroops tonight patrolled a Palestine which had been made tense by the hangingof the Jewish youth.

1939: ThirteenArabs were killed and four wounded in shooting outrages in the early hours ofthis morning in Southern Palestine. Two of the victims were shot dead on theoutskirts of Tel Aviv. In general, Jewish opinion condemns the attacks oninnocent Arab civilians. “This evening’sedition of the daily Davar headlines all its news with this bold typequery: ‘Who will put an end to the outrages that sully our struggle and ruinour population.’” The attacks are seen as a reaction to the new British land lawthat “is regarded even by moderates as flagrant breach of faith on the part ofGreat Britain to the Jews.”

1939: “Early this morning a boat carrying 742 Jewishimmigrants trying to land clandestinely without visas was apprehended by theCoast Guard near Gaza”. The passengerswere taken by train to Haifa. If theyare released, their number will be deducted from small quota of “legal Jews”who will be allowed to enter Palestine.

1940(23rd of Sivan, 5700): ParashatKorach

1940: As the effects of the humiliating defeat ofthe French become more evident it was announced toay that The Franco-Germancommission for carrying out the terms of the armistice will begin to functiontomorrow and Spanish Army officers led by General Lopez Pinto promised“material and moral support to Germany.”

1941 (4th of Tammuz, 5701): In Jassy, Rumania;soldiers and police, under the watch of the SS, kill over 260 Jews. 5,000 otherJews are stripped of all belongings and then placed into cattle cars, (over 100in each), and sent to Mirteshet. On the way over 600 Jews would die. Once thereanother 327 would die. Within an eight-day period, over 2,500 people would dieduring the train ride.

1941: Nazis murdered the male Jews of Drobian,Lithuania.

1941: Nazi forces led by the 291stInfantry Division captured Liepāja, Latvia which led to a series of massacresof the Jewish population.

1942: One-year anniversary of the founding of theJudenrat in Bialystok. A quote from Ephraim Barash's diary capturedthefeelings of the time, "It is lucky that we cannot foresee thefuture, for if we could, we would not have lived and reached the present stage.There is no place for optimism in the ghetto."

1942(14th of Tammuz, 5702):Armed Jewishresistance takes place at Slonim, Belorussia. The Germans burn Jews to death,killing nearly 15,000.

1942:A 13-year-old girl in Amsterdam who would gain fame as Anne Frank wrote in thediary which she had received as a birthday present only eight days before:"I want to write, but, more than that, I want to bring out all kinds ofthings that lie buried deep in my heart."

1942:A second gas chamber begins functioningat Auschwitz-Birkenau.

1942:The Blue Network broadcast the last episode of “I Love a Mystery” sponsored byFleischmann’s Yeast and featuring Tony Randall (Aryeh Leonard Rosenberg).

1943 (26th of Sivan, 5703):South of Warsaw,five Poles are shot for hiding four Jews. The latter also are shot.

1943 (26th of Sivan, 5703):At the Biala-Wakalabor camp near Vilna, Lithuania, 67 inmates are shot as reprisal for theescape of six Jews to a nearby forest.

1943(26thof Sivan, 5703): Fifty-three-year-old Polish born cantor and composer EliasZaludkowsiki who had served as chazzan for synagogues in New York and Detroitbefore assuming that position at Beth Sholam in Pittsburgh passed away today.

1944:”Some nervousness has been occasioned in Arab circles by the nomination ofGovernor Dewey as the Republican candidate for President, and a report printedin the press” in Cairo “that his party intended to include in its platform aplank or declaration urging the British to implement the Balfour Declaration onPalestine”

1944:It was reported today that Under-Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius hadannounced “at a Jewish Unity Dinner honoring Representative Sol Bloom that theBritish Government had just agreed to the establishment of a new war refugeehaven in one of the former Italian colonies in Libya.”

1945:Churchill writes to Weizmann justifying his decision to continue the WhitePaper of 1939 by reminding the Jewish leaders that many Conservative MP’s wereopposed to the Zionist cause and that many members of the Labor Party wereadopting the view as well. He urgedWeizmann to stop looking to the British and seek support from the United Statesto gain the opening of Palestine to Jewish immigration.

1945:Sir Louis Halle Gluckstein “was appointed as a King’s Counsel” today.

1946:Birthdate of Zvi (Mickey) Har-Even (Harivan), the son of Sylvia and Aurel whoemigrated from Romania in 1950. He diedat the age of 22 while serving on board the Submarine Dakar.

1946: This day was the Black Sabbath in Pre-stateIsrael. In the largest operation to date, thousands of British soldiers andpolicemen raid kibbutzim looking for hidden weapons. The British arrested 2,700Jews living legally in Palestine in an attempt to destroy the Yishuv. TheBritish dubbed this action “Operation Agatha” and Kibbutz Yagur, an importantcenter for the Haganah, was a major focal point for their raids. The British claimed their actions were partof a plan to stamp out terrorism. Apparently, there were no Arab terroristssince no Arabs we arrested.

1946: A scheduled luncheon meeting between AbbaEban and Moshe Sharett is cancelled amid reports that the British are arrestinglarge numbers of Zionist leaders.

1947: In Brooklyn, “Bill Lewis, owner of a koshercatering business” and Blanche Goldberg gave birth Ohio State University alumRichard Philip Lewis who began a career as a standup comic in the 1970’s

1947(11th of Tammuz, 5707): Judge Isaac Siegel, aRepublican politician who had represented New York’s 20th Districtin the House of Representatives, passed away.

1947: “Of the Unknowable” published today provided areview of Challenge of the Unknown: Exploring the Psychic World by Louis K.Anspacher which was described as “one of the most ambitious generalcommentaries on psychic matters that has ever been attempted.”

1948: Mike Flanagan Irishman who fought in theBritish army during World War II and participated in the liberation of the Bergen-Belsenconcentration camp in 1945 and his friend and tank commander Harry McDonald,broke into a military base near the Haifa airport, stole the two tanks anddrove them to Tel Aviv where Hagana operatives were waiting.

1948: MeirTobianski, native of Kovna who joined the Haganah and was working as anengineer for the Jerusalem electricity company swore allegiance to the newlycreated IDF.

1948: Al Freeman arrived in Israel to serve as pilotwith 101 Squadron of the Israeli Air Force.

1948: Birthdate of William “Billy” Keyserling” thenative of Beaufort, SC and grandson of immigrant Jews who after earning degreesfrom Brandeis University and Boston University pursued a career in politicsthat was capped by becoming Mayor of his hometown.

1949(2nd of Tammuz, 5709): Eighty-seven-year-oldDr. David Philipson, a native of Wabash, IN, who became a leader of the Reformmovement whose literary works included The Reform Movement in Judaismand Old European Jewries passed away today

1949: “The Great Sinner” directed by Robert Siodmak,produced by Gottfried Reinhardt and co-starring Melvyn Douglas (Melvyn EdouardHesselberg) was released in the United States today.

1949: In Tel Aviv, Ted Arison, co-founder ofCarnival Corporation and Minna Arison gave birth to Micky Arison anIsraeli-American businessman and the Chief Executive Officer of CarnivalCorporation, the world's largest cruise operator, and owner of the NBA's MiamiHeat. At one time, Forbes magazine places Arison's wealth at $6.1billion, making him the 94th wealthiest person in the world as of 2006. He isthe son of the late Ted Arison, Carnival Corporation's founder and the brotherof Shari Arison reputed to be the wealthiest woman in Israel. While Arison is a resident of Miami, hemaintains a home in Israel.

1949:Tonight, “at a dinner given by the UJA at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in memoryof Dr. Stephen S. Wise,’ former Governor Herbert H. Lehman, who had justreturned from a trip to Israel “said that the faith of Israelis in their futurewas based in no small measure on the encouragement and support that has beengiven them by the American Jewish community” while providing “a seriousappraisal of the enormous problems” still confronting the newly formed state.

1950: “The Next Voice You Hear” produced by DoreSchaty and with music by David Raskin released in the United States today.

1951: TheJerusalem Post reported that the zone limits scheme, imposed on the publicby the Ministry of Transportation in order to save foreign currency, willcontinue. M.S. Tamar, Zim's newest fruit-carrier vessel, was launched inHolland.

1951: “The Prince who was a Thief” produced byLeonard Goldstein and starring Tony Curtis premiered in Detroit, Michigan.

1952: Travel writer Diana Rice describes theprogress being made on constructing the Nordeau Plaza Hotel in Tel Aviv. The hotel is scheduled to open in September.The four million dollar seaside structure boasts luxury suites, a variety ofshops intended to attract tourists and a banquet hall that will seat 1,000.

1952(5th of Tammuz, 5712): Parshat Korach

1952(5th of Tammuz, 5712): Sixty-four-year-oldNathan David Perlman whose career included serving in the House ofRepresentative, “justice of the Court of Special Sessions of the City of NewYork” and as “a senior official of the American Jewish Congress” passed awaytoday at Beth Israel Hospital.

1952(5th of Tammuz, 5712): Seventy-nine-year-oldattorney Isaac Calhoun Straus, the Florence, SC born son of Alfred A. Straus, anative of German and the former Amelia Weinberg, a native of South Carolina whowas president of the Palmetto Insurance Company, president of the Sumter Trustcompany and president of Congregation Sinai in Sumter, SC passed away today.

1954: After its premiere in New York City “AboutMrs. Leslie” directed by Daniel Mann, produced by Hal Wallis and with a scriptco-authored by Hal Kanter opened in Los Angeles today.

1954: The Atomic Energy Commission refused toreinstate the security clearance of Robert J. Oppenheimer, the “father of theAtomic Bomb.” This might be seen as acase of Jew v Jew since Edward Teller testified against Oppenheimer and LewisStrauss, chairman of the commission, had pushed for the revocation in the firstplace.

1955: Haim-MosheShapira succeeds Israel Rokach as Minister of Internal Affairs.

1956: It was reported today that Dr. Israel Bettan,Professor of Homiletics and Midrash at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Instituteof Religion was unanimously chosen to as President of the Central Conference ofAmerican Rabbis, succeeding Rabbi Barnett Brickner.

1958: Today, on the final day of the annual meetingof the Central Conference of American Rabbis which was being held at theEdgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago Dr. Jacob P. Rudin was re-elected Presidentand Dr. Bernard J. Bamberger was named vice president.

1959:It was reported today that “Premier David Ben-Gurion has informed leaders ofhis Mapai Party that he resign if the Left-wing labor parties in his coalitionGovernment continue their attacks on the sale of Israeli-manufactured arms toWest Germany” a move which was quite controversial coming just fifteen yearsafter the end of the Holocaust

1959(23rd of Sivan, 5719): Seventy-year-oldFrench art dealer Paul Rosenberg passed away today.,_with_Odalisque_in_a_Yellow_Robe,_1937,_by_Henri_Matisse.jpg

1960: “Strangers When We Met” a story of infidelitystarring Kirk Douglas and Walter Matthau was released in the United Statestoday.

1960: In London, “Soviet historian Alexander Nove”and his wife gave birth to BBC newsreader and announcer Charles Alexis Nove.

1961: NBC broadcast the final episode of “The FordShow” written by Norman Lear and directed by Bud Yorkin.

1964(19th of Tammuz, 5724):Seventy-five-year-old Brest native William Auberbach-Levy, the graphic artistand caricaturist who in 1894 came to the United States where he taught at theat the Educational Alliance Art School, provided artwork for magazinesincluding The New Yorker and collaborated with his wife Florence Von Wienpassed away today.

1964(19th of Tammuz, 5724): TillieFrankel, the wife of David Frankel passed away today in Miami Beach, FL.

1964: Funeral services are scheduled to be heldtoday for Sam Chaikin, the husband of Beckie Chaikin and father of Sol Chaikinwho was “a retired member of the Cloak Joint Board, I.L.G.W.U.

1965: “Ex-Doughboy Scores De Gaulle as ‘Ingrate’”published today described the decision of Hammond, Indiana jeweler andRussian-Jewish immigrant Irving N Chaykento return the Croix de Guerre he received for his service as a member ofAEF during WW I in protest over the behavior of President Charles de Gaullewhom he described as “a major threat to the peace of the Western Hemisphere.”

1966: “Even though reforms he suggested during theprimary campaign could reform him out of a job if he is elected a New YorkCounty Surrogate, Supreme Court Justice Samuel J. Silverman said today, afterwinning the Democratic nomination on Tuesday, that he thought the reformsshould be pressed.”

1966: “Walk, Don’t Run” a comedy produced by SolSiegel with a script co-authored by Sol Saks was released today in the UnitedStates.

1966: “A Fine Madness” a film version of the novelby the same name directed by Irvin Kershner, produced by Jerome Hellman andfeaturing Zohra Lampert was released in the United States today.

1967: The official reunification of Jerusalem beginsas 8,570 acres of west Jerusalem are united with 18,750 acres of eastJerusalem. It was not only Jews whohailed this event. Nabil Khoury wrote inthe Beirut weekly al-Hawadith, ‘On June 29, in Jaffa Road, the main street ofJerusalem, the Hebrew tongue disappeared.On that day, along the entire length of the street, Palestinian Arabic,in all its different dialects, was heard.’

1967: In Tel Aviv, David Ben-Gurion told hissupporters that “the re-building of Jerusalem must be at the center of thenational effort.” These words followednaturally for the man who had fought to keep the road to Jerusalem open duringthe dark days of 1947-1948 when so many told him that it could not be done.

1968(3rdof Tammuz, 5728) Parashat Korach

1968(3rd of Tammuz, 5728): Sixty-seven-year-old ColgateUniversity graduate and executor of the estate of theatrical producer LeeShubert Sydney R. Golde, the New York born son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Golde andthe husband of the former Shubert Wolfe, “a niece of Lee and J.J. Shubert”passed away today in Greenwich, CT.

1969: Fifty-six-year-old University of Virginia graduate and communityparty member turned savings and loan mogul Bart Lyndon, the New Castel born sonof Ina Rabinowitz and Benjamin Otto Shulman who had named him Bernard Shulmanand who was the husband of the former Beth Golden, passed away today in LosAngeles after having suffered a fatal heart attack.

1971(6thof Tammuz, 5731): Sixty-one year old Amelia Held Ullman, the wife of GilbertVictory passed away today in her hometown of Richmond, VA.

1972(17th of Tammuz, 5732): Tzom Tammuz

1972: “The Candidate” a movie about senatorialpolitics featuring Melvyn Douglas, Allen Garfield and Michael Lerner with musicby John Rubinstein, the son of pianist Arthur Rubinstein, was released in theUnited States today.

1974(9th of Tammuz, 5734): ParashatChukat

1974(9th of Tammuz, 5734):Ninety-five-year-old Israel Edwin Goldwasser, the City College graduate, holderof an MA from Columbia who was an educator, philanthropist and businessmanpassed away at the Jewish Home and Hospital.

1974: David Chernoglaz, who was sentenced inKishinev trial in June 1971 to five years labor camp, was scheduled to betransferred from Perm camp to Vladimir prison for participating in hungerstrike before President Nixon’s visit.

1975: “Two groups of refusniks met separately withten senators visiting Moscow in the room of New York Senator Jacob Javits.

1975(20thof Tammuz, 5735): Seventy-five-year-old New York native Jess Ward the “founderand president of Jess Ward & Co., Inc., woolen merchants” and husband ofLenore Ward with whom he had had two sons – Sanford and Berry—passed away todayin Jerusalem while on trip where he and his wife were “to dedicated anamphitheater they had donated to the Kfar Batya Children’s Village.”

1976: The Jerusalem Post reported from Entebbe,Uganda, that hijackers held there more than 250 Air France Airbus passengersand threatened to blow them all up if Uganda's security forces intervened.Uganda's President Idi Amin paid a visit to the hijackers. The Israeli Embassyin Paris was assured that France would do everything it could to secure therelease of all hijacked passengers.

1976:From Entebbe, the terrorists released their demands : The release of fifty-threeof what they called freedom fighters and civilized people called murderingterrorists and/or their supporters, imprisoned in five countries had to beflown to Uganda by noon GMT along with $5 million “or the terrorists would blowup the plane with the hostages on board.”

1976:In the evening, the terrorists at Entebbe began the process of separating theIsraelis and Jews from the other hostages.

1978:United Artist released “Fedora,” directed by Billy Wilder with a screenplay byWilder and I.A.L. Diamond.

1978(24thof Sivan, 5738): Two people were killed and 47 were injured when terrorists setoff a bomb in Jerusalem market.

1979:In Canada, premiere of “Meatballs” the first of series of off-beat comediesdirected by Ivan Reitman, written by Len Blum, Dan Goldberg and Harold Ramiswith music by Elmer Bernstein.

1980:After 557 performances and 19 previews, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber ofFleet Street,” a Stephen Sondheim musical completed its first Broadway run.

1983(18th of Tammuz, 5743):Fifty-three-year-old New Orleans born organic chemist Boris Weinstein, theholder of a Ph. D from Ohio State and the husband Barbara Weinstein with whomhe had two sons, passed away today while serving as a member of the faculty ofthe University of Washington.

1983:Helen Reddy who had converted to Judaism before marrying Jeff Wald, marriedMilton Ruth today.

1984(29thof Sivan, 5744): On his seventy-eighth birthday San Francisco native Benjamin A. “Benny” Lom, the three-season all-starhalfback at the University of California, Berkley “best known for his attemptto stop a teammate from running the “wrong way” in the 1929 Rose Bowl passedaway today.

1985(10th of Tammuz, 5745): ParashatChukat

1985(10th of Tammuz, 5745): Rabbi MorrisD. Rosenblat, the leader of Kneseth Israel Congregation in Annapolis, MD from1945 to 1983 passed away today.

1987:''Yiddish Theater in London, 1880-1987,'' an exhibition that is part of thissummer's Jewish East End Celebration at Lyttleton Circle Foyer, NationalTheater

1987:Birthdate of Gal Nevo, the Olympic Israeli swimmer who is a native KibbutzHamadia in the Beit She’an Valley.

1990(6th of Tammuz, 5750): Seventy-four-year-oldauthor Irving Wallace passed away.

1995(1st of Tammuz, 5755): RoshChodesh Tammuz

1995(1st of Tammuz, 5755):Eighty-one year old Lewis Jacob Affelder, the Cleveland born son of HarryFleishman Affelder and Rhoda E. Affelder and the husband of Ruth SteinbachAffelder passed away today in his home town.

1995: Betzalel Tabib who had been Head of the LocalCouncil in Arad since 1986 completed his service today.

1996: “As Marie and RoyNeuberger celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary today, the DowJones industrial average climbed to 5,704.Mr. Neuberger later described their time together as “64 wonderful yearstogether.”

1997: After 89 performances and 27 previews “An AmericanDaughter,” a play written by Wendy Wasserstein completed its first Broadwayrun.

1997: The New York Times featured reviews of books byJewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including “HandsomeIs Adventures With Saul Bellow: A Memoir” by Harriet Wasserman, “The TwistedMuse: Musicians and Their Music in the Third Reich” by Michael H. Kater and “ATale of Two Continents: A Physicist's Life in a Turbulent World, theautobiography of Dutch born Jewish physicistAbraham Pais

1999(15th of Tammuz, 5759): Sixty-two-year-oldNorthwestern University alum Allan Carr who went from running the talent agencyAllan Carr Enterprises to a successful career as a screenwriter and a producerwho “was named Producer of the Year by the National Association of TheatreOwners.”

2000: “The Israelis and Palestinians appeared today to remain farfrom meeting the conditions set down by the Clinton administration for an earlysummit meeting in Washington, but Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, whocame here to assess the two sides' readiness, said that President Clinton wouldmake a decision in the next few days.”

2001: “A,I.” a science fiction film about artificial intelligencedirected and produced by Steven Spielberg who also co-authored the script wasreleased in the United States today.

2002: At Temple Israel in Lawrence, NY, Rabbi Balfour Bricknerofficiated at the wedding Catherine Michelle Levine, “publicist for ABC’s‘World News Tonight with Peter Jennings’” and political consultant JoshuaDaniel Isay “the manager of Andrew M. Cuomo's campaign forgovernor of New York

2003: “During the Second Intifada a temporary armistice wasunilaterally declared by Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which declared aceasefire and halt to all attacks against Israel for a period of three monthswhich really meant that violence decreased somewhat in the following month butsuicide bombings against Israeli civilians.”

2003:President Bush and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met at the White House.

2003:Today, in the Denver Botanic Garden, basketball coach and teacher Todd Schayesmarried Diane Lipner.

2003: The pre-Broadway run of the Stephen Schwartz musical“Wicked” came to a close in San Francisco where it was favorably received bycritics and the public.

2003(29th of Sivan, 5763): Aluf (Maj. Gen.) Mordechai "Mottie" Hod who “wasthe Commander of the Israeli Air Force during the 1967 Six-Day War” passed awaytoday. A sabra born at the famous Kibbutz Degania, Hod was one of the realheroes who helped to create and defend the state of Israel.

2004(10th of Tammuz,5764): Thirty-six-year-old Sgt. Alan D. Sherman was killed by a roadside bombin Baghdad. “Alan Sherman is most remembered for being a loving and devotedfather. A Marine reservist who worked as a licensed practical nurse when he wasnot on duty, Sherman spent most of his time with his two sons, Joshua andLogan. Sherman lived with his parents in the Wanamassa section of OceanTownship, N.J. His ex-wife, Dolores Sherman, told The Associated Press that thetwo had maintained a close friendship and kept in regular contact even while hewas away. Sherman adored his children, spending as much time with them as hecould. Michael Sherman said his brother had “left [his children] his honorablename, as a hero and as a loving father.” “He wanted to come home to his boys.But he knew he was doing the right thing. He wanted to fight for his boys sothey wouldn’t have to do it,” Dolores Sherman said. “He totally believed inwhat he was doing.” (As reported by The Forward)

2004(10th of Tammuz, 5764): Seventy-seven-year-oldsinger and actor Arik Lavie passed away today.

2004(10th of Tammuz, 5764): Moshe Yohai, 63, of Ashdod, was found shot todeath in Beit Rima, a Palestinian Authority-controlled village near Ramallah,where he had apparently gone on business. The Aksa Martyrs Brigades claimedresponsibility. (Jewish Virtual Library)

2004: “Three Way,” a crime film co-starring AlIsrael and Gina Gershon was released in the United States today.

2005: “Right-wing Israeli clashed with the Israelisecurity forces and Palestinians today in a tense corner of the Gaza Strip,causing several injuries.”

2005(22nd of Sivan, 5765): LebaneseHezbollah terrorists killed an Israeli soldier today which led to IAF bombingthe “outskirts of two south Lebanese border villages.”

2006(3rd of Tammuz, 5766): Early thismorning, “the IDF recovered the body of 18 year old Eliyahu Asheri who had beenkidnapped and murdered by Palestinian terrorists, from an open field nearRamallah.

2006: This afternoon at the Mount of Olives ShlomoAmar, the Chief Sephardic Rabbi eulogized Eliyahu Asheri during his funeral.

2006: In “Holocaust collides in 2 Lives, As theCamera Rolls” published today, Mary McNamara reviewed “Inheritance,” which“documents the story of Monika Hertwig, a German woman who in her early 60sfinally comes to terms with her parents' participation in the Holocaust.”

2006:“Mary McNamara reviewed ‘Inheritance,’ a film that shows an interview betweenthe daughter of the commandant of Plaszow and a Holocaust survivor.”

2007:”Baroness Neuberger” better known as JuliaBabette Sarah Neuberger – Britain’s second female rabbi “was appointed by theincoming Prime Minister Gordon Brown as the government's champion ofvolunteering.”

2007: At the Israel Museum in Jerusalem an exhibitentitled “Yemima Ergas: Hidden Cities” opens. “A new series of drawings byartist Yemima Ergas depicts fantastical cityscapes reminiscent of the majesticModernist architecture of the early twentieth century. In the delicate penciland charcoal drawings we see bridges, public buildings, factories, andstadiums, but a longer look reveals that it is all a fiction – we are in factlooking at discarded computer motherboards.”

2007: In Jerusalem, the Israel PhilharmonicOrchestra performs Berg`s Concerto for Violin and Beethoven’s Seventh Symphonyat the Sherover Theater at The Jerusalem Theater

2007: As part of his plea bargain President MosheKatsav resigned as President of Israel. Katsav is schedule to be indicted onSunday July 1. At the time he isexpected to plead guilty to to three charges, and will receive a suspendedsentence and be ordered to pay compensation to the complainants. While one of the charges will be for aserious sex related crime, under the terms of the plea bargain he will not becharged with rape.

2007:Anthony Paul Lester, Baron Lester of Herne Hill “was appointed by PrimeMinister Gordon Brown as a special adviser on constitutional reform to theSecretary of State for Justice” today

2007: Acting President Dalia Itzik replaces MosheKatsav and will serve as President of Israel until July 15 when President-electShimon Peres takes office. Ms. Itzik is a 54 year old native of Jerusalem whohas enjoyed a long political career.

2007(13th of Tammuz, 5767): Joel Siegel, EmmyAward-winning film critic for ABC’s “Good Morning American” passed away at theage of 63.

2008: In Chicago, the Spertus features Private Lives of Public Figures: How Moral Do Our Leaders Need To Be?” From King David to contemporary politicians, leaders who engage inimmoral or unethical behavior inevitably face questions regarding theirsuitability to govern. What do Jewish sources say about these issues? Shouldmoral turpitude exclude someone from public office? Are all transgressions thesame? Exactly how moral do our leaders need to be? In this text-based studysession and discussion, facilitated by Jewish leadership scholar Dr. Hal M.Lewis, participants look at several classical Jewish sources that address theseand related matters. Hal M. Lewis is Dean ofPublic Programming and Continuing Education at Spertus, where he also serves asAssociate Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies. A recognized authority onJewish leadership, he is author of Modelsand Meanings in the History of Jewish Leadership and From Sanctuary to Boardroom: A JewishApproach to Leadership.

2008: Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois holdsit annual meeting and presents “Ask the Experts at Temple Beth Israel inSkokie, Il.

2008: TheSunday New York Times book section features reviews of The Spies ofWarsaw, a novel by Jewish mystery writer Alan Furst, The HebrewRepublic:How Secular Democracy and Global Enterprise Will Bring Israel Peace atLast by Bernard Avishai and Maps and Legends: Reading and WritingAlong the Borderlands, Michael Chabon’s first collection of nonfiction aswell as an essay entitled “Cultural Crossroads of the Levant” which describesIbis Editions “a boutique Jerusalem Press owned by the husband and wife team ofPeter Cole, a MacArthur award-winning poet and translator, and Adina Hoffman, abiographer and critic that has publishedEnglish translations of works in Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, French, German andJudeo-Spanish — all relating to the Levant.

2008: TheWashington Post book section features reviews of The Dream by Harry Bernstein and America Americaby Ethan Canin

2008: At CongregationAnsche Chesed on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, One World Symphony presents aperformance of the opera “Adriadne Auf Naxos” by composer Richard Strauss whowas appointed President of the German State Music Bureau by Joseph Gobbels. In fairness to Strauss he later resigned theposition and is credit with saving “several Jewish lives later in the war,specifically those of his daughter-in-law and her son.” On the other hand, the true measure of theman may be found in his 1945 declaration “that the Allied bombing of theHoftheater, his favorite opera house in Munich, was ‘the greatest catastrophethat has ever disturbed my life.

2008: Israel’s governmentvoted to trade one of the most notorious convicts in its prisons, a Lebanesemurderer, for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers whose cross-border capture ledto and partly motivated its month-long war with the Lebanese militia Hezbollahin summer 2006. After a wrenching national debate that drove hesitantofficials, including Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister EhudBarak, to accept the deal, the cabinet voted 22 to 3 to trade the prisoner,Samir Kuntar, along with four other Lebanese, for Ehud Goldwasser and EldadRegev, the two Israeli soldiers. Mr. Kuntar was part of a cell that in 1979raided the northern Israeli town of Nahariya, fatally shooting a civilian,Danny Haran, while his daughter Einat, 4, watched, then smashing the girl’shead, killing her as well. Mr. Haran’s wife, Smadar, hid with their 2-year-olddaughter, accidentally suffocating her in an effort to stop her from cryingout.

2008: VeteranCivil Rights leader John Lewis was honored at aluncheon on Sunday by New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind and theblack-Jewish Alliance, which was inaugurated in January to address the 25percent surge in anti-Semitic and racist incidents in the black and Jewishcommunities. The luncheon, hosted by Joe Lazar, who is running for City Councilin September 2009, included 40 black and Jewish elected officials and communityleaders. "As blacks and Jews, the wind may blow, the rain may beat down onan old house, be it a house in Brooklyn, Atlanta, America, Israel or Africa,but we all live in the same house," Rep. John Lewis, a leader of the civilrights movement who stood behind Martin Luther King, Jr. on the steps of theLincoln Memorial in 1963, told a group of Jewish and black leaders in Brooklynthis week. "We are one people, one family and we must stay together andbuild a society at peace with itself," he added.

2008: United Nationsnegotiator Gerhard Konrad informed the Israeli government that according toHesbollah, Ron Arad is dead. This claim has yet to be confirmed by thegovernment

2008:As part of his first concert tour in fifteen years, Leonard Cohen appeared onthe Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England

2009: Starting today,Cantor Jack Chomsky of Congregation Tifereth Israel in Columbus, helps to lead“Poland to Israel: A Journey Through Time,” in which 100 cantors connect 1,000years of Jewish History in Poland with 4,000 years of history in the homelandof the Jewish people.

2009: Bernard Madoff issentenced to 150 years. This recordsentence is fitting for the man who engineered the largest Ponzi swindle inhistory.

2009: JuliusGenachowski,a yeshiva student who had studied in Israel, assumed the position of Chairmanof the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Asked by Lord Steinberg

2009: During Question Period Lord Steinbergasked “Her Majesty's Government what were (a) the total value of trade betweenIsrael and the United Kingdom, and (b) the total value of exports from theUnited Kingdom to Israel, over the past three years.

The Minister for Trade and Investment (Lord Davies of Abersoch): The data requested areshown in the following table:

£ million

UK exports of goods to Israel

UK exports of services to Israel

UK imports of goods from Israel

UK imports of services from Israel














2010: Today Larry King announcedthat “Larry King Live” woud come to an end at the end of the year.

2010: Gilad Barkan Triois scheduled to perform at 55 Bar in New York City

2010(17th of Tammuz,5770): Tzom Tammuz

2010: Today forest firesraged across Israel, destroying over 300,000 trees and burning over 750 acresof forested and open areas. Arson is suspected in many cases, and conditionsworsened due to Israel's severe heat wave.

2011: The Peltz Centerfor Jewish Life and Lubavitch of Wisconsin are scheduled to sponsor “GimmelTamuz,” “a community wide event to mark the anniversary of the passing of theLubavitcher Rebbe of righteous memory.”

2011: Tnuva caved in toa nationwide cottage cheese boycott today and announced that they would belowering the product’s price to the recommended retail price of NIS 5.9. Tnuvaannounced that instead of selling cottage cheese to stores at the fixed priceof NIS 5.2, they will now sell the cheese for NIS 4.55, thus enabling stores tosell the staple product at the recommended price. Tnuva guaranteed that theywould not raise their prices at least until the end of 2011.

2011: Today the ZionistOrganization of America (ZOA) sent a letter to Delta Air Lines CEO Richard H.Anderson voicing concerns that the airliner's new alliance with Saudi ArabianAirlines would lead to discriminatory practices against Jewish travelers.

2011(27th ofSivan, 5771): Rabbi Chaim Stein one of the Roshei Yeshiva the RabbinicalCollege of Telshe passed away.

2011(27th ofSivan, 5771): Sixty-four-year-old Larry Bogdanow, the founder of BogdanowPartners Architects and restaurant designer whose work included the UnionSquare Café, passed away today. (As reported by William Grimes)

2012: Without anyfrosting, lace, or chuppahs in our midst, Rabbi Shira Stutman is scheduled tolead a salon-style Shabbat evening with prayers and conversation about the“rites” and wrongs of women in Judaism, as well as God’s feminine side at thehistoric 6th & I Synagogue in Washington, DC.

2012: Israeli cellistYoed Nir is scheduled to perform at the Garden Party Festival in Helsinki,Finland.

2012: Austrianauthorities are investigating the desecration of 43 graves in two Jewishsections of Vienna’s main cemetery.A police statement said toay that tombstones and slabs were found toppled or damaged at the Austrian capital’sCentral Cemetery. It said the vandals did not deface the graves with graffiti.Vienna Jewish community head Oskar Deutsch says he is confident that policewill find the culprits.

2012: Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu’s supersize coalition was showing its first serious signs ofstress today in its quest for a more universal draft system in Israel.

2012: The United Statesand Israel are expected to hold a joint military exercise sometime aroundOctober, after postponing it earlier this year, the US chairman of the JointChiefs of Staff said today, confirming previous reports that it was back ontrack.

2013: “A seven-weekimmersion experience in Hebrew” offered by Brandeis University-MiddleburySchool of Hebrew is scheduled to begin today.

2013: CommunicationsMinister Gilad Erdan and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz attacked eachother fiercely today ahead of tomorrow’s elections for the heads of the Likud'sinstitutions. (As reported by Gil Hoffman)

2014: The New York Timesfeatured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest toJewish readers including On The Run: Fugitive Life in an American City byAlice Goffmanand Clouds of Glory: The Life and Legend ofRobert E. Lee by Michael Korda,

2014: “Shabbat – Inside andOut” an exhibition at the Yeshiva University Museum is scheduled to come to anend.

2014: “Tel Aviv's secular residents suffered a doubleblow in their fight for freedom from religion today when Interior MinisterGideon Sa'ar and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni thwarted two pieces oflegislation that would allow the opening of businesses during Shabbat and theoperations of public transport during Judaism's weekly day of rest.” (Asreported by Gilad Morag and Moran Azulay)

2014:Firefighters responding to a call to put out a small brush on the Golan Heights“were fired on by forces on the other side of the Syrain border” but completedtheir mission successfully without any casualties. This is the latest in a series of incidentson the border one of which claimed the life of an innocent 15 year old boy.

2014:In two different responses today to the kidnapping of three Israeli teens, amammoth rally featuring artists and celebrities was held at Rabin Square while“the Rosh Yeshiva of the Beit El Yeshiva, Rabbi Zalman Melamed, urged thepublic to set up a protest in front of the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv to callfor a tougher crackdown against Hamas.”

2014:As rocket attacks from Gaza continue for another night one terrorist was killedand several more were wounded when the IAF “launched a targeted attack againsta rocket launching cell in the Gaza Strip apparently belonging to Hamas'military branch.”

2014: “The Illinois HolocaustMuseum & Education Center is scheduled to host “Life? Or Theatre?” adocumentary by Franz Weis that explores the life and work of German Jewishartist Charlotte Salomon.

2014: “The Sturgeon Queens” isscheduled to be shown at the Skirball Culture Center in Los Angeles and theCircle Cinema in Tulsa, OK.

2014: Nate “Freiman was calledup to the A's today, after leading the Pacific Coast League to that point inRBIs, and tying for seventh in home runs.”

2014: “The Last of the Unjust”is scheduled to be shown on the final day of the Portland Jewish Film Festival

2015: “Tiger, Mog and PinkRabbit: A Judith Kerr Retrospective” is scheduled to open at the Jewish Museumin London.

2015: “Vandals attacked the MaxRayne Hand-to-Hand dual Hebrew and Arabic language school in southern Jerusalemtonight” making this the second such incident in eight months.” (As reported byJudah Ari Gross)

2015: “After a gruelinglegislative battle, US President Barack Obama signed into law a trade measurethat also contains landmark legislation combating the boycott, divestment andsanctions (BDS) movement in Europe.” (As reported by Rebecca Shimoni Stoil)

2016: The Center for Jewish Historyand Leo Baeck Institute are scheduled to host a presentation by Monika Hankováwho “will present the unique biography of Magdalena Robitscher-Hahn, aGerman-Jewish doctor from the Sudetenland, whose life story allows for analysisof specific theoretical issues connected with biographies of German-Jewishwomen from former Czechoslovakia.”

2016(23rd of Sivan,5776): Eighty-five year old “Irving Gottesman, a pioneer in the field ofbehavioral genetics whose work on the role of heredity in schizophrenia helpedtransform the way people thought about the origins of serious mental illness”passed away today.

2016: “The captain of Israel’ssoccer national team Eran Zahavi signed a deal with the Chinese club GuangzhouR&F today, ending a period of doubt that the beloved star would remain withMaccabi Tel Aviv.”

2016: The Center for JewishHistory is scheduled to host Bonnie Slotnick, “owner of Bonnie SlotnickCookbooks who “will share some of her experiences with Jewish cookbooks overmany years of selling out-of-print cookbooks, and bring a fresh perspective tothe real significance of historical and contemporary culinary texts.”

2016: Israeli Bassist andarranger Noam Wiesenberg is scheduled to debut “his new and originalcompositions” at the Cornelia Street Café alongside the Haggai Cohen-Milo Trio.

2016: In a testament to thevitality of small Jewish communities, in Cedar Rapids, the Hadassah Book Clubis scheduled to meet this evening where it will discuss The Ritual Bath by FayeKellerman.

2016: The Oregon Jewish Museumand Center for Holocaust Education is scheduled to host its Annual Membershipthis evening flowed by the opening of “Every Minute Counts” “a remarkable vision of Roosevelt-Erasocial and political culture through the lens of photojournalist KatherineJoseph.”

2017: The last screening ofElan Kolirin’s “Beyond The Hills”sponsored by JW3 is scheduled to take place today in London.

2017: The “jstyle SummerPremiere Party” is scheduled to take place this evening in Mayfield Heights,Ohio.

2017: Today, “the Americanpilots” who had ferried aircraft to Israel during the Yom Kippur War “attendeda flight course completion ceremony at the Hatzerim Air Force base, where theysaw Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlinspeak.”

2017: The final screening of“Letters from Baghdad” is scheduled to take in several California citiesincluding Los Angeles, Pasadena, Claremont and San Francisco.

2018: After six months, theexhibition styled The Invisible Museum: History and Memory of Morocco isscheduled to be shown for the last time at The Magnes Collection of Jewish Artand Life at the University of California, Berkley

2018: “High Holy Days at theLuna Park: Show-card Posters from the Firschein Press (Brooklyn, NY,1920-1974)” an “exhibition that presents a selection from the over one hundred“show-card” posters printed by the Firschein Press, a small business operatedby East European Jewish immigrants, that served local Jewish and non-Jewishcommunities in Brooklyn for the better half of the 20th century” is scheduledto come a close today at The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life at theUniversity of California, Berkley.

2018: Today, “a week after an El Al flight wasdelayed by ultra-Orthodox men’s refusal sit beside women,” an “AustrianAirlines plane left Ben Gurion Airport 40 minutes late due to the refusal of 26ultra-Orthodox men to be seated by women passengers” which led to a latearrival in Vienna which meant other passengers missed their connecting flights.

2018: New York Times obituary writer,par excellence Margalit Fox who couldcapture the lives of the great, the near great and those of whom we had neverheard with a rare skill and who was never too busy to answer a reader’s question is scheduled toofficially pass through the doors of 620 Eighth Avenue for the last time todaymarking an end to a career that including writing more than 1,400 obituarieseach of which was a literary gem.

2018(16th of Tammuz, 5778):One-hundred-four-year-old pioneering attorney Patricia Schiller, the Brooklynborn daughter “pharmacist Louis Silverman” and “homemaker Gussie (Zuckerblatt)Silverman” and wife of fellow attorney Irving Schiller passed away today.(Asreported by Neil Genzlinger)

2019(26th of Sivan, 5779): ParashatShelach-Leach

2019: Limmud Bay Area is scheduled today withboth Orthodox and Egalitarian Shacharit services and a variety of presentationsincluding “Indian Jews and their synagogues – A New Guide to 30+Syangoues inIndia” by Janice Farber and Marian Scheuer Sofaer and “It Isn’t Neild DiamondSinging Kol Nidre: the influence of Traditional Jewish Melodies on ClassicalMusic” with Brian Wilson.

2019: As part of the “Survivor Speaker” programthe Illinois Holocaust Museum is scheduled to host a presentation by SteenMetz.

2019: Today, in one of those quirks of thecalendar Shabbat falls on June 29, just as it did in 1776 when Jews in thethirteen colonies observed the day of rest for last time as British colonialswhich should provide subject matter for a sermon as Americans begin a week-longcelebration of their independence.

2020: The YIVO institute is scheduled to hostlive on Zoom “Eating Right and Left: Food and Political Alignment in theYiddish Press.”

2020: The Ackman and Ziff Family GenealogyInstitute is scheduled to host live on Zoom, “Family History Today: JewishRefugees and the U.S.-Mexico Border.”

2020: The Jewish Arts Collaborative isscheduled to present JLife Art with Cecilia Kremer, the Argentine bornepidemiologist who makes “Judaic mosaic art and works with schools and templesto create customized gifts (i.e. tzedakah boxes and mezuzahs) for specialoccasions and milestones.”

2020: ASF IJE Travels in Jewish History... fromhome and E’eleh BeTamar are scheduled to present “Journey to Yemen,’ a trip intime and space powered by Diarna Geo-Museum Tours.

2020: As California agencies struggle with thechallenge of dealing with the Pandemic the Addison-Penzak JCC in Los Gatoswillis scheduled to launch its summer camp for grades 1-8 today.

2020: The Contra Costa JCC and CongregationB’nai Shalom are scheduled to host, via Zoom an online presentation by RafaelDanziger, Senior Research Advisor and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, of the NearEast Report at AIPAC on “How the Six Day War Forms Today’s Middle East.”

2021: JIMENA, ENGAJ and Moishe House Silicon Valleyare scheduled to “present a three-part virtual tour to learn Jewish Yemenitehistory, culture and recipes.”

2021: Nadav Tamir, the executive director of J StreetIsrael is scheduled to talk about how Israel might change in the Biden era andthe post-Netanyahu era.

2021: Alina Adams is scheduled to discuss NestingDolls, “her novel about a Jewish family’s saga stretching from 1930sSiberia to current-day Brighton Beach.”

2021: The 9th annual edition of theIsrael Film Center Festival is scheduled to come to an end today.

2021: Suzannah Warlick, Director of Passage toSweden, Leo Goldberger, Son of a cantor, Leo whose family were among 8000Danish Jews rescued by their neighbors, Chana Sharfstein, Daughter of the chiefrabbi of Stockholm during WWII, and Howard Veisz, Caretaker of Gerda III, theboat that ferried Danish Jews to safety, who chronicled its missions in Henny and Her Boatare scheduled to take part in a discussion following a screening of “Passage toSweden.”

2021: Judy Batalion, author of The Light ofDays: The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler’s Ghettos isscheduled to discuss the young women who found different ways of fighting backagainst the Nazis with filmmaker Aviva Kempner, who produced and co-wrote thedocumentary “Partisans of Vilna: The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance duringWorld War.”

2022: In Atlanta, GA, the final session of theAJPA 2022 Annual Conference is scheduled to come to an end .

2022: Illinois Holocaust Museum is scheduled topartner with Chicago-Kent College of Law on their upcoming program, "NeverAgain? Investigating and Prosecuting War Crimes: Then and Now."

2022: The ASF Institute of Jewish Experience isscheduled to present an episode of New Works Wednesdays where Mark Schneergurtdiscusses “Anthology of Religious Poetry from the Mexican Inquisition Trials of16th-Century CryptoJews.”

2022: The Tillies Center for the PerformingArts is scheduled to host “Violins of Hope” which includes “the first everappearance on Long Island of the world famous instruments originally played byvictims of the Nazi Concentration Camps, finally gathered together and restoredfor inspired music making once again!!”

2022: The 2022 Arthur and Rochelle BelferNational Conference for Educators, a virtual event sponsored by the UnitedStates Holocaust Memorial Museum is scheduled to come to an end today.

2022: JDC Archives Fellow Jonathan Zisook isscheduled to present a Webinar on “Passover for the Passe Over: JewishReligious Life in Poland after 1968.”

2022: LSJS is scheduled to host the firstsession of “Why Rabbis Argue: The genesis and genius of the Oral Law” withRabbi Dr. Harvey Belovski

2022: “The legislation for the Knesset’sdispersal is expected to pass its final readings by” today “at midnight.” (Asreported by Carrie Keller-Lynn)

2023: Temple Judea is scheduled to host “ModernMussar with Michael Ross.”

2023: The Jewish Federation of Greater DesMoines' 109th Annual Meeting and Reception is scheduled to take place thisevening at Caspe Terrace.

2023: Mosaic is scheduled to host “Ant-Semitismand the Battle for the American Right” during which “Douglas Murray, SamuelGoldman, and Tamara Berens discuss anti-Semitism on the American right.”

2024: The Agnon House is scheduled to a jointreading “The Horse Race” followed by a discussion led by Ofir Lifsh*tz “aboutthe character of the narrator, the synagogue and the rural Jewish community,and observe the play revealed to the readers towards the end of the story.”

2024: The Eden Tamir Center is scheduled tohost a pianist Benjamin Hochman performing a concert “The Glorious Sound of thePiano.”

2024(23rd of Sivan, 5784): ParashatShelach-Lecha; for more see

2024: As June 29th begins in Israel, anunprecedented wave of anti-Semitism that has included Hamas supporters callingfor Zionist passengers on a New York subway to raise their hands, sweeps theUnited States and the Hamas held hostages begin day 267 in captivity. (Editor’s note: this situation is too fluidfor this blog to cover so we are just providing a snapshot as of the posting atmidnight Israeli time.)

This Day, June 29, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L – All #ourCOG News (2024)


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